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Winter Beauty Tips for Elbows, Knees and More

Regardless of how much you love the snowy season, there are a number of beauty woes that come along with winter. Experts say that – aside from sipping hot cocoa every evening – there are a few simple updates that any beauty conscious gal can easily make to her routine. Whether you love or loathe the season, check out the beauty tips below to maintain your beauty all season long.

Put a Stop to Raw Elbows & Knees
As we age it’s harder for our bodies to retain moisture and hydration. Although this is the reason for a number of health and beauty concerns, it is a top reason that adults find their elbows getting raw during the winter months. When your skin is less than supple to begin with, the winter air doesn’t do it any favors and – for whatever reason – elbows and knees seem to take a beating. There are a few different ways to put a stop to the madness. Hydrate like it’s your job (you’ll be doing your whole body a favor), exfoliate on a regular basis and apply moisturizing cream often.

Say “Farewell” to a Flaky Scalp
Everyone has experienced a dry and flaky scalp at one point or another – it’s nothing to be ashamed of. The dry air of winter is a common culprit to the flaky skin. Banish the flakes with weekly deep conditioning masks or oil treatments. This will leave your hair feeling silky smooth while also introducing some much-needed moisture to your scalp.

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Show Your Lips Some Love
Even though chapped lips top the list of annoying beauty problems, many people tend to ignore them. Chapped lips tend to worsen in the winter due to the cold are and wild wind, ultimately becoming raw and often bleeding. Give your lips the love they need this season by nursing them back to health in two steps. The first things you should do is exfoliate all the dry, dead and flaking skin off your lips. You can do this by applying sugar to your lips (preferably after you’ve gotten out of the shower) and rubbing it in a circular motion. The grainy texture will rid the dry skin while the sugar itself will oxygenate the lips. Lick or wipe the sugar away, apply a layer of hydrating oil, followed by a layer of thick lip balm.

Give Your Hands a Hand
Dry hands are an inevitable part of winter, however, there are a few simple steps you can take and find some relief for the pesky problem. The first and most obvious is to apply lotion, but not all lotions are created equally. While the sparkly and scented lotions are fun, they’re not always the best choice when your skin needs healing. Be sure to look for lotions that include star ingredients such as shea butter or oatmeal. Apply lotion to your hands whenever they’re feeling tight, after washing your hands and before going outside. You can also apply a heavy hand cream and slip on some gloves before going to bed. This way the lotion can soak into even the driest parts of your skin and provide nourishment all night long.


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