What’s New For Fall Footwear

“Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life”
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Fall is upon us, which means jeans and long sleeves will be making a reappearance in your daily attire if they haven’t already! Although some fall staples will always remain, such as quarter zip pullovers and puffer vests, there is almost always changes in the shoe world when this transitional season comes around. We’re assuming you’re just as excited about this season’s new footwear as we are, which is why we put together the following list of all the fall shoe trends you’ll want to know about!

ballet flats

We know you’re thinking about your stand by ballerina flat, but this fall the ballerina shoes are all about ribbon and bow lace-ups. Not only will you find a trending ballerina flat with ribbon to lace up your calf, but you’ll find everything from boots to heels with ribbon lace-up accents.

Pointy Toes 
It has made its comeback, and in just about every style and design too. This fall you’ll see pointed toes on everything from heels to flats, boots to chic sneakers. Some styles are more dramatic than others, so just take caution when wearing the trend: if you notice your toes starting to hurt, give the shoes a rest.

Ankle Straps 
They sound more daring than they look. Some shoes feature a solo strap while others host a group. Either way this look is making it big time in the fall shoe scene, you must get yourself a pair!

woman with leather boots

Leather everywhere, in every style! You’ll find heels with leather embellishments and leather boots almost always paired with bold and visible silver zippers.

Evening Mule 
Fashion experts have found themselves obsessed with the flat mules over the past few years, so why not make a night-owl out of the shoe? It has a retro glam feel that can really be worn for just about any occasion.

It seems the idea of neutral has taken over the entire beauty and fashion world. The suede platform heel is similar to a shoe that went mainstream a few years ago, but now suede is seen in everything from ankle booties to ballerina flats to Mary Janes. The nude colors go with just about any enable makes this shoe style a must.

platform shoes

The 70’s style is here again! You find everything from ankle booties to pumps, knee highs to loafers all in platform style. If you can walk in these bad boys than you absolutely must get yourself a pair for the season.

The strange-sounding shoe makes a perfect fall staple. Fuzzy warmth is no longer limited to your UGG boots, you’ll not find the same comfort in flats, clogs, and even platform booties.

Sequins, glitter, and all things sparkle have been huge on clothing for the past few years. With the shimmery transition to beauty, it seems almost natural that the shoe world would jump in on the trend too. You’ll find pumps full of sequins and boots with precise sequin details.


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