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What Science Says About Your Microbiome

It seems that as soon as you get your skin care regimen under control, there’s a new must-have product. Of course, in the effort of keeping your complexion healthy and clear, you switch up your routine. Although, you may have noticed that even after incorporating this new miracle product and eliminating that old just-okay product, your skin is never in the condition that you’d hoped for. You’ve gone through the trial and error of numerous products and followed the advice of news anchors and advice columnist, and you’re probably thinking “what gives?”

Chances are, you’re taking great care of your skin, but there’s a bit more to the story than just maintaining a proper skin care routine – you also need to show come attention to your microbiome. This science-y word might scare you at first, but understanding the science side of beauty could be the knowledge you’ve been looking for.

You’re probably wondering what the heck a microbiome is, so here goes: the microbiome is a collection of bacterial communities that keep your skin healthy…by living on its surface. So maybe the thought of bacteria growing your face and body isn’t the easiest thing to think about, but we promise that it’s totally natural. Think of it as a mutual relationship between your skin and the microbiome; the microbiome thrives because your skin is thriving, and your skin is thriving because the microbiome is thriving.

The common perception of bacteria is that it’s “bad” or “harmful,” however there are two types of bacteria; there’s bad bacteria (the kind we take antibiotics to get rid of), and good bacteria (like our microbiome). Good bacteria live all throughout the inside and outside of your body – so like we said, it’s totally natural! The microbiome, specifically, plays a crucial role in harnessing the skin’s immune system and guarding it against harmful bacteria and microorganisms.

In fact, research has shown that many skin unwanted conditions are connected to an imbalance of microbiome found in the gut in and on the skin. When your skin’s microbiome is out of wack, there is a higher chance for pathogenic bacteria, the bacteria that leads to problem prone skin.

If you’ve been experiencing unwanted skin conditions and can’t seem to catch a break, it may be worth your while to take action and balance microbiome. We’ve consulted with health care professionals to provide you with the two sure-fire ways you can get your microbiome back to a healthy functioning balance (and you with brighter, clearer skin).

Choose Fiber-full Food
If you needed another reason to incorporate more fiber into your diet, this is it. Since the bacteria in the gut is connected to the bacteria on the skin, it’s important to show it you care. Achieve clear skin by eating high fiber foods such as leafy greens, beans, fruits, and whole grains.

Go for the Pros
Probiotics, that is! Research shows that when introducing probiotics to the body of an unbalanced microbiome, it is likely to rebalance and even strengthen the microbiome’s immunity. Try to eat at least one serving of yogurt daily (or take a probiotic supplement)!


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