Use A Body Mask For All Over Skin Softness

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The at-home skin care world is truly amazing; realistically, consumers have the ability to do about half of the work an aesthetician does within the comfort of one’s own home. More specifically, there is an abundance of mask products on the market that offer consumers that spa-like feel. For example, one can easily find mud masks, sheet masks, overnight masks, lip masks, hair masks and more! However, many of us have put so much focus on pampering and masking the skin from the neck up, that we’ve forgotten about the massive surface area of skin below the neckline.

That’s right, it’s not just the facial skin that needs regular exfoliation, hydration, and masking to stay in tiptop shape. In fact, the skin all over your body needs this kind of care to look its best, too!  The good news is, you probably aren’t far off from total skin care – if you’re exfoliating your body in the shower regularly and applying lotion on a day to day basis, that’s great! However, you should absolutely take your body skin care regime to the next level with a body mask.

Just as with face masks, there are a variety of body masks on the market today. However, there is a fun DIY option that feels just as luxurious! Below you will find the directions for a detoxifying and moisturizing body mask!

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Detoxifying Clay Body Mask
All you’ll need is powdered bentonite clay, a clay mixing bowl (or any sturdy plastic bowl) and water! Use your best judgment when preparing the mask; take into consideration the size of your body, where you’ll be applying the mask, and how thin or thick you typically apply similar products. Everything considered, you should add two to four cups of the powdered clay into the bowl. Add a little bit of water at a time until you get a “wet clay” consistency – the amount of water needed will vary from brand to brand. While mixing the clay, it is suggested that you wear some sort of mouth or face mask to prevent the powdered clay from getting into your lungs (it has a very fluffy consistency, much like flour). If you don’t have a mask lying around, simply holding a shirt or washcloth over your nose and mouth should suffice.

Once the clay is thoroughly mixed, go ahead and apply it all over your body – oh yes, all over! While applying the clay, it’s a good idea to draw a bath, because once you’re covered, you’re going to plop in the bath for about 15 minutes (it’s important that you do not exceed 20 minutes as toxins can be re-implemented to your body). Naturally, the water will get mucky from the clay – in fact, this is a good thing, as it means toxins are being pulled from the body. Towards the end of the bath, use your hands to smooth the clay off your body, while still submerged in the water.

Once the 15 minutes are up, take a few minutes to rinse off in a cool shower. Upon drying off, it’s a good idea to apply some lotion and get dressed. Be sure to rehydrate, as the clay tends to not only pull toxins from the body but to bring electrolytes with it!


By Lionesse

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