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It’s amazing, isn’t it? You know, that feeling of waking up after a good night’s sleep, when you feel nice and refreshed. That feeling when you’re so ready, even eager to take on the day, and you just can’t wait to hop into an exceptionally warm shower – the kind that leaves the washroom nice and steamy when you turn off the water. Hot showers… relaxing, aren’t they? While it might be so – as you may have already guessed – we’re not talking about hot showers today, rather we’re going to share with you the reasons why men and women all around the country are indulging themselves in the 30 Day Cold Shower Challenge; that’s right, millions of people are willing stepping into shower streams set to please a polar bear.

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While you might cringe at the thought of rinsing off with cold water, we want to encourage you to embrace the cold, because by doing so you’ll improve your life. Research proves that there are measurable effects on one’s mental and physical health after cold-shower rituals.

Cold Showers Strengthen Your Tenacity
You’re probably wondering how the temperature of your shower can improve your willpower, so think of it this way: when was the last time you did something you were scared of… like really anxious about? Whatever it may be, chances are you ended up on the other side completely fine. Now take a moment to think back to your younger days, remember how frightened you were to drive on the highway, give a public presentation, live on your own. Whatever it may be for you, you did it, and you are a stronger person because of it. Taking a cold shower is a positive reminder that you can succeed at those things even when you’re feeling scared.

Cold Showers Encourage Weight Loss
Breakthrough research has found that cold temperatures fuel the rate at which your body metabolizes fat, which is why there many doctors’ offices are now offering services which ‘freeze off your fat.’ Yes, we’re saying that these procedures do work, but we’re also saying you can get the same benefits with a cold shower.

Cold Showers Increase Alertness
Have you ever tried to get work done – and by work we mean to actually be productive – in your bed, in front of the fireplace, or wrapped in your favorite cozy blanket? If you have, you’ve probably concluded that it’s a bad idea, the reason being that when we’re warm and comfy, our bodies go into a safe, less alert state. However, a chilly rinse alerts your senses and increases your deep breathing so that you take in more oxygen, leaving you awake, alert, and ready for the day.

Cold Showers Make for Hot Beauty
You already know that hot temperatures aren’t good for your hair or skin and that prolonged exposure to hot temperatures can burn, which leaves your hair broken and brittle, and your skin scarred and sensitive. Well, the same is true for hot water and its repeated contact with your body. When braving a cold shower, you are hydrating and sealing in moisture at the same time. Additionally, cold showers keep pores closed and resistant to dirt post shower, as well as seal the hair cuticle to keep it looking smooth and shiny.


By Lionesse

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