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Try A Digital Detox To Protect Against Aging

Many of us do what we can on a daily basis to try and slow down the signs of aging, but it turns out items we regularly use—our cell phones, tablets, and computers—could actually be contributing to the issue. For example, looking down while we’re using the devices could lead to face and neck wrinkles and squinting at the screens could result in crow’s feet. Unfortunately, with the way the world operates nowadays between work and family responsibilities, chances are you can’t completely cut yourself off from the digital world, but the following tips are some ways that you can significantly cut back.

Deactivate Your Social Media Accounts
There are those who will be horrified at the thought, and—we’re not going to lie—deactivating one or more of your accounts could be very hard to do. When your social media accounts are deactivated, you’re likely going to be less tempted to go back on them than if you had just simply logged out. You should also consider taking the step of deleting the apps from your phone so you’re even less tempted to use them. If you don’t think you could go all out right away and deactivate them all, start slow by giving up one, then another, and see how you do.

Turn Off the Electronics
Take breaks during the day where you turn your electronics off completely, yes, even your cell phone. For example, if you’re at work, turn off your phone when you get back from lunch and don’t turn it back on until you leave for the day, or when you get home from work, leave the phone off until the following morning.


Go “Old School”
Many of us are used to expressing our thoughts in a quick text or email, but consider going “old school” for your digital break. For example, read a book or a magazine instead of reading on a digital device, send a birthday card instead of a text, and if you normally journal online, switch over to pen and paper. Before you go to do something online or via your phone, consider if there’s an “old school” way of doing it instead.

Come Up with Projects
Many of us will admit that we feel tied to our digital items more than we probably should be, but one of the best ways to be more willing to stay away from them is to keep yourself busy with projects. For example, maybe you’ve been putting off cleaning out your closet, weeding the garden, or going through the junk drawer. You may be surprised at just how much time you spend online once you start cutting back and how much more free time you have available to do other things.

Leave the Phone Off During Certain Activities
An easy way to take a digital break is by shutting down your electronics while you’re doing certain activities. For example, if you’re out to dinner, going shopping, or watching a movie, turn the phone off completely until that activity is over with, or at the very least, turn the sound notifications off and promise yourself not to look at the phone.

Considering how entwined our phones, tablets, computers, etc. are with our everyday lives and schedules, it’s not going to be easy to do a digital break, but you may find it’s very much worth it in terms of preventing premature aging as well as regarding other aspects of your life.


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