Tips for Your Most Beautiful Hair Yet

All women want the luxury of having gorgeous, beautiful hair that makes other girls green with envy. No matter the style you are into, whether its curls, straight hair, waves, or updo’s – we all want to look our best. Sometimes, our hair needs a little help – and sometimes, it needs a lot of work. If your hair is looking less than perfect and is exceptionally lackluster as of late, this article is for you. Read below to find out some of the top tips for attaining your most beautiful hair yet, and how you can have just that.

Woman getting a hair treatment in a salon.

Deep Condition
Deep conditioning treatments can infuse dry hair with the boost the hair needs to look its best and feel healthier. Deep conditioning should be done while still in the shower, after shampooing the hair. You should apply the product from halfway down the hair shaft, comb through with a plastic comb, and allow it to sit in the hair for 3-5 minutes. From there, you should rinse the hair thoroughly and comb through yet again. This should be done one to two times per week.

Woman having a healthy salad.

Your diet can have a lot to do with the overall appearance of your hair. If you are eating a balanced, healthy diet, your hair will show as such. You will notice more sheen, length, and healthier strands overall if your diet is as it should be. Incorporate more fresh, raw vegetables and fruits into your diet to have better, healthier hair. Also, another great addition is to add Salmon and other fish that are high in OMEGA-3 fatty acids to your diet.

Applying a hair mask

Hair Masks
Hair masks, whether you buy them from the store and complete them yourself at home, mix up your own concoction from nature’s goodness, or head to your local salon can help your hair be shinier, more beautiful, and healthier from infusing the strands with botanicals and vitamins.

Woman getting a hair wash at a salon.

Don’t Overwash Your Hair
For those who have dry hair, this is especially important for you: do not overwash your hair. Over washing your hair is the number one way to dry out your strands, leaving them looking frizzy, dry, and dull. Rather, opt for washing your hair once or twice per week if you have dry hair, and 3-4 times per week if you have oily hair.

Woman with beautiful and shiny hair.

Keratin Treatments
Keratin treatments are a great option for those who seek sleeker hair. If you want to add shine, manage frizz, and add manageability, Keratin treatments are a good way to go.

Woman holding a vitamin supplement.

Taking supplements such as biotin, Vitamin E capsules, and fish oil are all proven to aid in having healthier, more beautiful hair.

Woman styling her hair with a flat iron.

Heat Styling Overkill
Excessive heat styling can really do a number on your hair. Avoid this by giving your hair ‘healing days’ every week. If possible, only heat style your hair 3 times maximum per week – and always incorporate the following point into your heat styling regimen.

Woman applying a spray on her hair.

Use Thermal Protectant Spray
Thermal protecting spray is perfect for those times where you want to blow dry, curl, or float iron your hair. This spray will protect the strands from burning, overheating, or breaking. Always use this type of product when flat ironing, especially, as this is the number one cause for heat damage on the hair.

Woman showing off her hairstyle.

Avoid Harsh Styling Tactics
Harsh styling methods can be bad news for your hair. Things such as improper teasing of the hair can cause breakage – and it can take a long time for the hair to heal to where it looks and feels healthy. Avoid harsh styling tactics, and look for alternatives.


By Lionesse

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