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Tips For Dads Who Style Hair

Father doing daughters hair.

This article is dedicated to all the dads, uncles, and brothers who have been placed on hair duty. Whether Mom is out of town or out of the picture, you have been dealt the cards to do a little ladies hair – a difficult task, no doubt, but with our tips you’ll be able to style your daughter’s (or niece, or sister) hair so that she leaves for her playdate with a less then disheveled look. Take a deep breath and get ready to call on your inner hairstylist; we have faith in you!

Don’t Forget To ABCD
Use your daughter’s favorite – and possibly over sang – song to remember the hair styling basics. Always Brush or Comb to Detangle. While you can use your fingers most of the time, this it isn’t as easy for little girl hair. If you don’t detangle the strands, not only will any snarls that she already get bigger, but it will make your styling job more difficult.

Let Her Try
Keep in mind that little girls are basically hard-wired to complain about brushing and combing hurting them. Granted, their scalp is more sensitive than an adults scalp, but they will build up a resistance to this. With that said, you should know that it’s very probable that her hair doesn’t hurt nearly as bad as she’s telling you it does. To make the job easier on your part you can apply a children’s detangler. This will help loosen up the knots so that they are easier to brush out making it less painful. If she still doesn’t want you to man handle the detangling, explain to her how important it is to remove the tangles, and offer for her to give it a try. Even if she makes a minimal difference, you can tell her that you need to add the finishing touch that she didn’t reach.

Band Up
Usually, by age 2 or 3 a headband is a cute and reliable option. It’s both easy to put in and effective at keeping her hair out of her face. The easiest way to put the headband in is to make sure the hair is a bit damp. You can either use a spray bottle of water or run the brush under the faucet and through her hair a few times. For whatever reason, damp hair holds onto a headband much better than totally dry hair. Go ahead and brush the hair away from the face, then slip the headband over her forehead and above the ears.

Practice Makes Perfect
Surely you’ve learned to master a craft by practicing it over and over again – hair styling works the same way. Even the best ponytail creators started without a clue. Each child’s hair is a bit different so it’s in your best interest to ask her mom to show you how to put her hair in a ponytail ahead of time. Once you’ve found out the tricks that work best for her tresses, you should take any opportunity to practice. While a single ponytail is a great way to keep her hair out of her face, chances are it will need to be redone throughout the day. If you know that she is going to be running around, you may be better off creating pigtails – a set of separate ponytails on each side of her head – which tend to stay in place longer.


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