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The Skin, Sweat, Stink Connection

Whether you present in front of a crowd on a regular basis or you lead demonstrations infrequently, we are sure that you’re familiar with the idea of sweating when you’re stressed. Sure, everyone sweats, but when you’re stressed, it’s like the sweat has a mind of its own, right? Depending on the situation, you may even notice the sleeve of your arm, soaking up the sweat, causing sweat stains and leaving you more nervous and embarrassed than you were to start.

Sound familiar? Even though it may seem like it, you are surely not alone. Stress sweat happens to everyone – but we know that’s not a good enough answer. Because we know just how frustrating the stress, skin, sweat, and stink connection can be, we’ve done our research and found you some answers.

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Are You Sweating Too Much?
To be honest, we can’t give you an answer on this extra common question. The thing is, sweat is a biological reaction to things like internal and external temperature, stress, hormones, activity and more. With that said, you shouldn’t compare how much you sweat to how much someone else sweats. Instead,  open a new note in your phone and mark down specific situations when you begin to sweat. You may start to notice patterns, or find that your stress is sporadic. If you find that you sweat is really out of hand, even after taking note for a few weeks, consult a physician (and show them the notes you’ve taken as well).

Why Doesn’t Everyone Sweat When Stressed?
Again, sweat has a lot to do with your body’s reaction to various conditions. Some people react differently than others!

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Should You Switch Deodorants?
If you find that your sweat is particularly rooted in stressful situations, you may also notice that even when you’ve applied deodorant or antiperspirant, it doesn’t exactly work. This is totally normal! The answer is a bit long, but bear with us.

The reason lies in the difference between the compositions of heat and activity sweat, versus stress sweat; heat and activity, sweat is made almost entirely of water (99% to be exact). Stress sweat, on the other hand, is composed of only 80% water and 20% lipids and proteins. So, what does this mean? Believe it or not, the bacteria the lives on our skin consumes lipids and proteins released from pores as food. When the bacteria “eats,” the stress sweat, it creates waste which – you guessed it – smells.

With all that said, whether you choose to switch deodorants should be up to you. Some people have found a deodorant and antiperspirant combo that they like and make sure to apply it when they notice they’re sweating. However, if you could care less for your deodorant, then it might be worth trying out a few different formulas.

Is There Anything Besides Deodorants and Antiperspirants?
Why yes, there is! If you’re thinking about trying something stronger, you can look for “clinical strength” antiperspirants which contain aluminum. The aluminum works by plugging the pores to prevent stress sweat from even occurring. If clinical strength options don’t work, it may be worth considering Botox. The injection famous for dissipating smile lines can work in your favor by literally obstructing sweat glands for months at a time.


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