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The Silver Hair Trend – Perfect for Cancers

Woman with stylish jewelry and silver hair.

Hair colored in all different shades of the rainbow has been a huge trend for the past few years. Whether it is pink, purple or blue, this hair trend is still going strong with many people choosing to take the plunge. It doesn’t look like this trend is going to go away anytime soon, as there is a new it color.  The color that is on everyone’s radar is currently silver. This color is hot for the summer season we are currently in. Many celebrities have been spotted rocking this look including both Nicole Ritchie and Kylie Jenner.  This is certainly bold and show-stopping and will make you the envy of others. Dyeing your hair with this color will help you stand out and express yourself in a fun new way. This color is fresh and modern. It will make you look current and up to date.

While dyeing your hair can be a fun process, it can also be a damaging one.  It is important to make sure you know the proper way to treat and care for your locks.  Make sure you’re using products that are conditioning and moisturizing. Dye has a way of drying out your hair very quickly. In order to divert this, get a specific shampoo and conditioner that is particularly made for treated hair. These have certain ingredients placed in them that will help keep you hair looking and feeling healthy. It will also help to fight the fade and keep the color in longer than other formulas not made with treated hair in mind.

Woman with silver hair.

Transitioning your hair to silver can be a difficult task, especially if you have dark hair. It might be best to see a specialist when deciding to make such a drastic change. If you have dark hair, this is especially true. They will be able to offer you tips and instructions on how to lighten your hair the best way. You will definitely need to bleach your dark hair in order to get your desired results. Silver works best on lighter hair because blonde hair is closer to silver than any other hair color. Because of this, the process is much easier for naturally born blondes. Not too worry though, you can still achieve silver hair, it will just take a few more steps.  For silver dye to take to your hair you will have to have very light, platinum blonde locks.

A silver shade may be difficult to maintain so you will need a good toner to keep it looking its best. A silver toner will help to even out the color and get rid of any of the brassiness that might be left over. It will essentially give you a more polished and professional result. This will be key in keeping your strands looking their best. This color will look especially good on Cancers as they are water signs. Be bold and try out this new color for a cool and beautiful new do!


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