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The Rose Revolution

If you spend your lunch break on Pinterest or procrastinate making dinner by scrolling through Facebook—to keep up to date with your family of course—then you’ve probably noticed the latest obsession taking the internet: rose. That is, everything rose; we’re calling it the Rose Revolution. The flower that has been known—for decades—to prick a man’s fingers while he steals a girl’s heart has managed to mingle in more than just love. These days roses are being used in everything from beauty products to dessert. We don’t hate it, either. If you’re ready to take part in the Rose Revolution, read on and learn some of our favorite rose-related tips and tricks.

Ancient Beauty
This flower doesn’t just make a beautiful centerpiece, believe it or not, roses have been known for their beauty uses for ages; according to historians, the ancient Greeks and Romans added rose petal to their bathes. Over time we’ve learned various ways to distil the flower and use it in bath and body products, cosmetics, and even medical and therapeutic treatment aids. That’s right, those lovely petals are pretty powerful. Here are a few ways you can incorporate roses into your beauty routine.

As an Antibacterial Acne Treatment
Those who suffer from sensitive or acne-prone skin may find relief by incorporating an all-natural rose essential oil into your skincare regimen. Due to its powerful cleansing abilities, it would make a great addition to a mild facial soap by killing bacteria and soothing dry areas of the skin.

As an Anti-Inflammatory Face Mask
Although the color red can indicate irritated areas of the skin, red roses have been found to reduce redness and swelling. Those who experience skin conditions such as eczema or rosacea may benefit from a soothing rose petal mask. To make the mask soak eight-to-ten petals in four tablespoons of water four about three hours. Use a spoon to mash the petals, then mix in two tablespoons of honey. Once you’ve created a smooth substance, apply it to your clean, dry face. Rinse with cool water after about twenty minutes and notice how calm your skin looks and feels.

Even if you don’t have acne or aren’t prone to inflamed skin conditions, either one of these suggestions can be used for all skin types. Rose may be a great way alternative to many of the ingredients that you’re already using. In addition to the above, rose essential oil makes a great perfume and even a moisturizer.

…With A Side of Roses, Please
If you walk into a hip coffee shop or ritzy restaurant, you’re bound to find rose-something on the menu. We’re not sure if Pintrest trends inspired the food industry, or if it was the other way around…either way, we’re sharing our favorite rose treat with you, and it’s perfect for summertime!

Berry Rosy Salad
Why not switch things up a bit from the classic fruit salad to a fresh berry salad? Simply mix together as many berries of whichever kind you like (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries…you get the point), then sprinkle the mixture with a few dashes of lemon juice, rose water, and sugar. Let the mixture sit for about half an hour and serve with lady finger cookies. You’ll love the light, yet savory rose flavor.


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