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The Benefits of Titanium Technology

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Ionic. Sonic. Magnetic. Bamboo. Ceramic. Titanium. Don’t worry – we’re not trying to give you nightmares of all those periodic table pop quizzes that you had in high school. Rather, if you’ve shopped for heat tools recently, you probably already know that we’re talking about the modern endeavors of hair styling technology. Since we know how overwhelming it can see, we decided to make things a bit easier for you, which is why this article will focus specifically on the benefits of titanium technology.

What is Titanium Technology?
Generally speaking, titanium is a lightweight metal with superior durability and stability due to its strength. When used for heat tools and hair styling purposes, titanium facades are merged with various ionic composites. By combining titanium elements and ionic components, there is a chemical reaction (not the kind of chemical reaction that you can actually see in plain sight) which causes numerous irons to be released. More specifically, due to the chemical processes, the irons are negatively enhanced.

Why is it Important?
Remember that chemical reaction that you just read about? Well, when done properly (which is nothing you have to worry about unless you’re in the lab creating the latest and greatest styling tools) and the negatively enhanced ions being released come in contact with hair, it affects the cuticle. This effect ultimately leaving the hair silky smooth and virtually frizz-free.  But that’s not all; titanium is also known for its anticorrosion property (a.k.a. it’s pretty rust resistant), which means that although it may seem like an investment, it’s one that will pay off.

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What Does This Mean for You?
In the cosmetic and heat tools market, it’s probably you’ve seen or heard variations regarding titanium technology. The first is simply “titanium.” When making styling decisions and comparing titanium technology to products of different technology, titanium seems to stand out it three categories:

  • Titanium provides effective and reliable heat conduction; this means that your hair style will have a more even texture when styling with titanium as the heat concoctor, compared to other heat tools which aren’t as effective in heat conducting.
  • Titanium has a unique texture which is both smooth and solid. This means it is less likely to get cracks, chips, or dents, which is better for you in the long run because it means that you won’t experience snagging, tugging, snapping, or breaking when you’re styling your hair.
  • Not only is titanium effective at conducting heat and resistant to damage, but because of these two traits, titanium is able to gain and effectively hold the heat of varying temperatures within moments. This is why titanium heat tools have such a speedy preheat time.

The second variation of titanium that you may come across is “double titanium.” Ultimately, the chemical process is the same and the material is identical. The spectacular thing about double titanium is that there is a second coating of titanium atop the first layer. All things considered, styling tools with that extra titanium layer will heat up slightly faster and are likely to diminish even more frizz.


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