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Tanner Gone Wild

Self-tanner is amazing, isn’t? it’s perfect for faking a glow after your stay-cation, it’s a great addition to your at-home spa day, and it makes a great confidence booster. Until you realize that – even after giving it your all – you look like you belong in the fresh produce basket of the supermarket. That’s right, aside from all efforts, you’ve noticed that your orange! At this point, you’re probably too embarrassed to leave the house, but keep in mind, that while you may feel like you’d stick out in a crowd, this kind of thing happens to women all the time. Yes, seriously all-the-time. It’s simply a case of self-tanner gone wild. Luckily, since so many others have dealt with this very same situation in the past, there are a few tricks of the trade that will get you looking like a golden goddess in no time.

Anyone who’s used self-tanner in the past can tell you the turning a tropical orange tone is just one of the many side-effects of a bad self-tanner experience. Aside from turning orange, self-tanner can leave some looking much darker than expected, others may experience streakiness, some even notice a discoloration between their arms and hands, as well as their knees and elbows. First thing first, don’t freak! Whatever the case, know that it is solvable, but it is important for you to remain as calm as you can during this time of a beauty emergency. Second, assess the situation: figure out what went wrong. Maybe the color is a bit – or a bunch – off, or perhaps there are random places of discoloration. Pinpoint the problem, the check-out the information below which guides you through a simple bad-tan-detox.

If you’re orange…
Right now, the best thing you can do is change the look of the color by dusting on your favorite bronzer. Be sure that you’re bathing and exfoliating regularly to speed up the skin’s natural shedding process and be sure to test a patch of skin before tanning your entire body next time!

If you’re a few shades too dark…
This is probably the easiest self-tanner miss-hap to fix. What’s more is there are a few different ways to go about fixing the problem, too! If you have a pool, simply take a quick dip – the chlorine in the pool water will alter the tanner chemical on your skin, leaving your much lighter (and still tanned) by the time you do a lap and dry off. Another option is to take a cool – not hot – shower and use a loofa to help rid the unwanted darkness while you rinse.

If you have noticeable streaks…
Use a body polish for the next few days. It’s important to use one that’s oatmeal based –rather than sugar based – to be sure that you don’t add to the streaks. After you’ve showered, you can use your typical body lotion. However, before using your lotion, add a few pumps of tanner to the bottle and give it a good shake, this way you can subtly blend out the streaks while keeping your tan.   

If your hands are discolored…
After applying self-tanner many people notice that their hands have a much different shade than the rest of your body. You can bleach out the discoloring by washing the inside of your palms with some whitening toothpaste. Going forward, use a latex-free rubber glove to apply self-tanner.

If your elbows and/or knees are discolored…
While there isn’t much you can do this time, you shouldn’t have to go through this same miss-hap again. The reason this happens is because the skin on the elbows and knees is much drier and thick than on other areas of the body. Next time, be sure to exfoliate any dry areas prior to the self-tanner application.


By Lionesse

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