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Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Irons

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When was the last time that you purchased a new flat iron or curling iron with the purpose of replacing an old one? Be real with yourself in answering this question, and buying a hair tool to add to your collection doesn’t really apply here. If you’re like most, you’ve either replaced a heat tool out of desperation (a.k.a. you woke up one morning and your straightener or curler didn’t work), or you’ve never actually replaced it.

Perhaps you have a favorite flat iron that you know you should toss out, but you keep because it’s no longer manufactured and you can’t stand the thought of parting ways with your favorite heat tool. Maybe you’ve kept the same curling iron since high school in an effort to be money conscious – hey, it still works, right? Or, it could just be that you’ve never really put much thought into replacing your heat tools, and that’s perfectly fine! However, it’s time to face the facts, and as much as we hate to be the bearer of bad news, it might be about that time to replace a few different tools.

When your makeup brushes start shedding, you know it’s time to start looking for a replacement. When your liquid liner has an out-of-the-ordinary texture, you know you need to chuck it. Unlike many other beauty products and tools, knowing when to replace heat tools isn’t as obvious. However, by continuing to use of heat tools that are past their prime put you are putting yourself (and your hair) at risk for all sorts of damage and danger. Think about it, we’re talking about an object, which is primarily made out of metal and plastic, that heat up through electricity… it’s quite easy to see the potential for danger when you think of it this way. Fortnightly, there are a few tell-tale signs that you can think of as the Beauty God’s warning that it’s time for you to replace your hair straightener and/or curling iron.

It’s Not Turning On
This one should be obvious, but many of us are guilty of blaming the electrical socket. You’re not the only one whose asked your hubby to venture into the basement and make sure that the circuit breaker in the electrical box didn’t need to be turned back on (we’ll file that one under the never to be brought up again file). If you find that you’re messing with the on/off switch or troubleshooting (a.k.a. asking Siri) how to turn on your heat tool, chances are it’s time to toss this one in the garbage.

The Electrical Cord has Seen Better Days
Everyone’s seen a damaged cell phone charging cord at this point in time, but when was the last time you check the condition of the electrical cord of your flatiron or curling iron? If you notice any fraying, cracking, or exposed wires, it’s time to get rid of your iron. On that same note, do you notice a spark every time you plug the heat tool into the wall? Even if the cords are in perfect condition, small sparks are another sign of faulty electrical cords and plugs.

You’re Saying “Ouch,” All the Time
Aside from burning yourself, does your straightener or curler cause your pain while your styling? If the metal on your iron has gotten damaged over the years (i.e. the metallic coating is worn, there are visible dents, chips, and scratches) it may be time to get rid of it. Not only will the damage pull on your hair and break your strands, but it also means your styling with uneven temperature surfaces, which is a big beauty no-no.

It Has that Funky Smell
You know the smell were talking about. Many people notice the smell particularly in hair dryers when the reach their final days. Well, that same smell can come from flat irons and curlers. If and when you notice it, shut it off and get rid of it.


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