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Perfect Your Mascara Application Skills

It is said that the first way to stop making mistakes is to admit that you have made them. So, it’s time to come clean. You need to admit that you’re making mistakes with your mascara. You need to stop trying to tell yourself that the clumping, running, and occasional fleck on your cheek is par for the course, and own up. The first step toward solving a problem is to admit that there is one. So admit it; your mascara skills could use some improvement. But, hey, look on the bright side, when a woman can learn from your mistakes, think of how much hotter you’ll look. Here are the mistakes that you need to stop making to perfect your mascara skills.

Vertical as Well As Horizontal
Remember this mantra in your mascara application.  Sure, you need to wiggle the wand a little at the base of the lashes, but you should also turn the wand to a vertical position to get a good overall coating. Celebrity makeup artist Melanie Inglessis says, “When you use your wand vertically, you can really get to the roots of your top lashes.  Inglessis suggest using a back and forth “windshield wiper motion” at the root of the lashes with the wand in a vertical position. Repeat to coat bottom lashes.

No More “All In One”
We always love it when we find one product that does it all, but, unfortunately, mascara is not going to qualify. Inglessis says, “Not every mascara can do everything.  What is your priority? Buy a couple of mascaras that cater to what you need.” Don’t look to a single mascara to lengthen, curl, and volumize at the same time. Apply separate coats of different mascaras formulated to suit your needs, allowing time to dry in between applications.

Coat the Bottom and Top of Your Lashes
Wondering why your not getting the full volume from your mascara?  Usually, we begin applying mascara to the undersides of our lashes, but this will only coat the bottom part. Try using the wand to brush down on the tops of your lashes as well, then brush back up. Inglessis advises doing, “the top first so you don’t weigh the lash down.” The goal is to cover every inch of your lashes in product.

eyelash curling

Curl Lashes Before applying Mascara
If you’re noticing a few stray lashes on your face, it may be because you are curling them after the mascara has been applied.  Curl coated lashes, and you run the risk of losing them.  Inglessis explains, “Once your lashes are coated with mascara, curling them back is bad news. You can break lashes easily, and the curl is funky because that coat makes a really sharp bend.

Prep Lids With Concealer
If mascara doesn’t get enough time to dry, it can leave smudges on your lids. Inglessis advises, “if you have really long lashes, keep eyes looking down for a couple of seconds before you open them.  If you do get a smudge, a pointed Q tip soaked in makeup remover will get rid of it before it dries.   However, if you notice late in the day smudges, you may want to invest in an eye primer or concealer. “If you have oily eyelids,” says Inglessis, “mascara can move.” Applying a base will prevent the transfer.

How are you making magic with your mascara wand? Let us know you’re tricks for perfect mascara application.


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