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Makeup Applicators That Bring Out Your Beauty

Just as there are thousands of makeup products on the market today, there are thousands of makeup applicators to get the job done. There are brushes for eye shadow and smudging tools for eyeliner, plus sponges for foundation and combs for brows. No matter what makeup you’re applying, there is a brush out there that’s designed to apply the product perfectly. Whatever your favorite product may be, we’ve done our research and found the best makeup applicators that enhance the product upon application and bright out your beauty. Check it out!

Beauty Sponge
There are tons of brands putting their own spin on beauty sponges—no matter which brand you choose, regardless of the shape of the sponge, there is one thing you must always remember when using it: always dampen the sponge completely before using it. You can do this by holding the sponge under running water and squeezing until it’s completely wet. Then, with the water off, give it another good squeeze releasing all the excess moisture so that the entire sponge is damp. Use your finger to dab foundation around your face, then use the sponge to dab and blend the product. Because the sponge is damp it will not soak up any of the foundation, instead, it will provide a sheer and even coverage for a natural looking finish.

Fan Brush
These are the fine bristled brushes that are spread out into a semi-circle or fan looking shape. This brush was designed as a contour brush; it can be used to apply everything from bronzer to blush to highlighter. When using this brush, it’s important to remember how precise it is—it’s not much of a blending brush. That being said, it does offer a sheer application which is perfect for those who like to gradually build their product to the perfect finish. There is, however another clever use for this brush: it’s handy for eyeshadow cleanup. Those of you who love your elaborate shadow looks will love this brush’s ability to sweep up the fallen eyeshadow for a polished finish look. 

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Lash And Brow Combo
This double-sided tool has a lash comb on one side and a brow brush on the other and it’s truly a necessity in any gal’s makeup kit. The lash comb is ideal for separating the clumps left behind by mascara and it’s also a great tool to wiggle false lashes into place before the glue dries. The brow brush comes in handy to smooth out unruly brows. In addition, it’s a great way to fix hash lines without wiping off and completely re-doing your entire brow makeup.

Foundation Brush
Use a synthetic foundation brush to apply a liquid or cream foundation. The most efficient type of foundation brush has bristles that are pressed closely together and shaped into a point in the center. For a seamless application, dip the end of the brush into the foundation then apply the product to the center of each area of your face (e.g., forehead, nose, chin, cheeks). Then move the brush in a sweeping motion, pulling the foundation outward to meet your hairline and jaw line. Between the brush and the technique, you’ll have a seamless finish and your complexion will look better than ever.


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