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Make the Most of Your Accessories

You may feel like most of your collection is dated, too uppity, or completely unworkable, don’t write them off just yet!

You’ll be surprised to find out the many different ways you can use your accessories to freshen up your #OOTD (outfit of the day) and boost your personal style.

Keep reading to find out!

Organize Your Stuff

Before you decide to revitalize your accessory collection, first thing’s first – you have to sort it out.

To begin with, divide your collection into categories – you can split it into necklaces, bracelets, rings and other accessories.

To keep it all neat, invest in a jewelry organizer or set aside a special drawer that will help keep your collection tidy and compartmentalized. Not only will a jewelry organizer help you arrange your accessories, it can also be a great home décor piece!

However, if you prefer a more DIY approach, you can also repurpose kitchen cutlery holders to store your jewelry. For rings, earrings and other smaller trinkets, you can even use ice cube trays.

If you own a lot of necklaces and bracelets, make sure to detangle them before storing them in your jewelry organizer. This will make your life much easier, but it will also prevent damage that occurs when materials rub against each other.

A good way to keep them neat and separate is to hang them on a wall organizer. This way, you will avoid the problem of the piece you want to wear being tangled beyond recognition.

If you can, try to keep your collection open and visible. This will prompt you to consider your entire collection when picking your accessory du jour. Moreover, this way you won’t always gravitate towards same old pieces.

However, if you do have a particular piece that you never leave the house without, keep it somewhere close, like your nightstand or the vanity table. This way, you will never mix it with other jewelry or lose sight of it.

If you have valuable jewelry made with precious metals and stones, you need to take extra care when storing them.

They should be kept in separate compartments to avoid abrasion (pearls and diamonds are especially delicate). The ideal option is to keep it in a soft pouch or box.

Some precious stones also don’t agree with direct sunlight, which is why you should tuck away this type of jewelry is a safe, dark place.

Embrace Asymmetrical Looks

The uber-sleek, minimalist look that has been dominating the fashion world in the last decade is firmly on its way out.

The new trend is to go bolder, more colorful and eccentric.

What we picked up from the recent runway looks is that, the louder and more chaotic your jewelry is, the better.

In practice, this means mixing and matching stuff that aren’t necessarily meant to be styled together.

Needless to say, this is great news for people who want to create more looks out of jewelry they already have. Plus, you will finally find a use for that one earring whose matching pair you’ve lost years ago.

The mismatched styling can be done in many different ways: for example, you can pair up two different earrings of similar shape and size. Alternatively, you can combine one subtle earring and one more prominent piece.

Finally, you can go for the full asymmetry by opting to wear only one earring. A bold, head-turning piece of jewelry is ideal for achieving this unique look.

When it comes to colors and materials, it’s time to throw the old adage that you’re not supposed to mix silver and gold out of the window. Nowadays, breaking the rules when it comes to jewelry is the quickest way to achieve a chic look.

For example, stacking bracelets of varied shapes and materials with give you that maximalist, fashion-forward vibe. For a more toned down approach, adorn your fingers with a couple of delicate rings in opposing materials.

Invest in Statement Pieces

If your accessories come in a wide variety of shapes and styles, styling them with different outfits might feel a little taxing.

Besides, who has time to color-coordinate when it’s early in the morning and you have to rush through the door ASAP?

In order to save time without compromising on your style, invest in trusty statement pieces that will always be within an easy reach to give your outfit a more polished vibe.

The trick is to strike a balance by getting a piece that will speak enough on its own, but still be able to work with many different outfits.

The easiest accessory to start with would be a handbag. A well-designed, style-enhancing handbag will not only be super-convenient, it will give your outfit a more well-rounded appearance.

A chic scarf has the power to make any outfit look a touch more sophisticated and thought-out.

And if you’re more into headwear, make sure to supply your wardrobe with a stylish hat that will instantly give your day-to-day looks a more sartorial vibe.

A statement watch will not only keep you punctual, it will also make you look more sharp and put-together.

When it comes to jewelry, things get a little easier.

To amp up your accessorizing game, make sure your collection is equipped with a few delicate pieces and a couple of in-your-face accessories.

If we focus on earrings, small, dainty studs can go perfectly with any outfit. Same goes for unassuming hoops.

On the other hand, statement pieces like long, dangling earrings or more geometric designs can also be a welcome addition to your collection. No matter how subdued your ensemble is, a bold accessory like this will always be able to elevate it to new heights.

Know How to Wear Your Accessories

Accessorizing might seem challenging at first, but if you learn how to properly style your trinkets for different outfits and occasions, this task will suddenly become much easier.

When it comes to combining your accessories with your day-to-day outfits, you should be guided by simple proportions and your own aesthetic goals.

If you’re not sure how proportions relate to your jewelry, here are a few simple rules that should make things more easier to understand.

In general, sweaters, turtleneck and tunics are always best complimented with long, dangling necklaces.

On the other hand, shirts and dresses with plunging necklines look best when combined with chokers and other neck-hugging pieces. These kind of necklaces also work great for V-necks and off-the-shoulder Bardot cuts.

Short necklaces work best with strapless dresses and shirts, while 40cm is the ideal length if you want a necklace that goes with everything in your closet.

Accessories can also be used to highlight your good features or minimize your imperfections.

For example, if your face tends to be more soft and round, you will benefit from wearing sharp, geometric earrings.

On the other hand, if you tend to have more angular features, opt for dainty, delicate pieces like studs or small hoops.

Finally, if you feel like something feels a little off with the jewelry you already have, it might be the case of it not being matched with your skin tone.

If your complexion tends to be on the cooler side, you will look best in blue, red and purple precious stones, as well as white or rose-tinted pearls. Silver and white gold also looks good against cool-toned skin.

Warmer tones are complimented with green, gold and orange stones. Yellow gold or copper will bring out the beauty in warmer complexions.

Use Scarves as Head Accessories

If you’re a lover of scarves and happen to have a ton of them lying around the house, why not give breathe new life into them by transforming them into a chic hair accessory?

Not only do head wraps look supremely stylish, they also protect your hair from harmful sun rays and other kinds of environmental damage.

There are many ways to style your head piece. Here are a couple of ideas to get you going!

For a quick and easy look, you can simply fold it into a band and tie it around your forehead to achieve that bohemian, hippie-inspired style. This look works perfect for summer festivals and other kinds of laid-back outdoor events.

For a more glamorous vibe, you can wrap it around your head, then tie it around your neck. Add a pair of cat-shaped glasses and you’re only one vintage convertible away from looking like a legit 1950s diva.

And if you want to channel your inner 80s-era Madonna, you can fold your scarf into a head band and tie it into a bow at the top of your head. Pick a colorful or graphic design and your head band will really pop against your locks.

If you’re aiming for an exotic look, you can wrap your scarf into a turban that can be tucked into your hair at the front. This will give you an eccentric, summer-ready feel.

Learn to Love Sets

If you’re someone who is not very skilled at styling different accessories or you take forever to figure out which necklace goes well with which earrings, you’re in luck.

The quickest shortcut for people who can’t be bothered with matching their jewelry is to simply invest in a set.

Traditionally, valuable jewelry is often sold in sets. The most common combination is necklace, ring, bracelet and a pair of earrings, but there are also smaller sets of only two pieces.

If you decide to wear jewelry sets, you might take a couple precautions in order not to look too stuffy. For example, it might be a good idea to combine your jewelry set with a more understated outfit combination – this way, your accessories will truly pop.

Perhaps you feel like old-school jewelry sets are a bit too snooty for your liking.

In that case, you can always go for something more youthful and modern.

For example, you can try adorning your hands with intricate hand pieces whose designs incorporate bracelets and rings.

You can also invest in a chic stackable chocker setthe layered placement of necklaces will instantly give you a sensual, fashion-forward aesthetic.

Use the Same Fabric for Different Pieces

A great DIY idea to match your accessories to your outfits is simply to use the same fabric of your outfits to craft a piece of jewelry.

This can be an innovative way to recycle the scraps you get from clothes modification.

If you tend to have your clothes adjusted regularly, be sure to pick up the leftovers next time and repurpose them into exquisite pieces.

And if you’re still a little skeptical about this concept, fret not: fabric can be used to make all kinds of chic, elaborate jewelry – from necklaces to, yes, even earrings!

One of the most stylish ways you can use fabric as jewelry is to craft a choker that will match your shirt or dress. This sensual look has been doing the rounds on models and celebrities for a while, and now you can recreate it for yourself, too!

And if this is too much effort for you, you can create this trendy, neck-hugging look with various other materials, including bandanas, ribbons, and even dog collars and shoelaces.

Hopefully, this guide has inspired you to rethink the way you accessorize. With a little bit of effort and some trial and error, we are sure you’re going to nail the stylish, accessory-rich look before you know it.


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