How to Create a Daring Smokey Eye Look

Eyeshadow can really help to enhance the overall look of your face. It is important that you learn how to create a smokey eye because it will make you stand out in a crowd. A smokey eye will give your appearance a more dramatic and daring look. Creating a smokey eye can sometimes prove to be difficult. It is hard to know what colors to use and how much of them to apply. When going for a traditional smokey eye, three colors are best used to help create it. Black, brown and a deep purple will assist you in achieving this dark edgy look. A smokey eye is a look that is classic and will never go out of style. In can be worn by anyone because it is universally flattering.

Stylist applying eyeshadow

First it is important to start off with an eyeliner to help you bring out your eyes. A black liner works best and should be applied directly into your waterline. Depending on how extreme you want the look to be, you can smudge the eyeliner for a darker effect. Next step is to apply the eyeshadow that you want. It is important to begin with applying an eyeshadow primer to ensure that not only your makeup stays on, but also in place. This primer will work wonders for the smokey eye because it will stop it from running down your face. It will also stop any creasing from happening which can ruin your look all together. Using this product is a safe bet from keeping your smokey eye looking good all night. After you have put on the primer, apply a light brown color to the whole of your eyelid. This will act as your base color. Next, place a darker brown shadow on the corner and the eyelid and blend inwards. Blending is very important because it will make the eyeshadow look like it was applied effortlessly. It will get rid of the harsh lines and make for a softer, cleaner look. You can also add a purple shade to get a little more color on the eye.

A liquid liner is best to use for the upper eyelid. It will give you a more precise and definite line. Line your upper eyelid with this, making sure to extend it out to a cat-eye. This will help to elongate your lids and make your eyes appear bigger and wider. The last and final step is to apply mascara. Curl your lashes and apply one to two coats of mascara to finish off your daring smoky eye.

Woman with a smokey eye look.

Since your eye makeup is on the intense side, try to keep the rest of your face looking natural. Keep blush and lipstick minimum and neutral to really show off your eyes. Thus will allow for your eyes to be the main focus! While this look can take a little bit of practice to create, it is totally worth it. It is a great way to make your eyes stand out.


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