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Highlight Your Way To Amazing Cheekbones

When it comes to facial features, good cheekbones are in a class by themselves.  Nice eyes, and great hair are truly to be prized, but good cheekbones transcend. After all,  would we interpret the haughtiness of Bette Davis or Katherine Hepburn the same way, were it not for their highly structured cheekbones? Indeed, good cheekbones seem to denote aristocracy, experience, maturity: everything a little chubby cheeked girl dreams of.

Although some of us are fortunate enough to be blessed with bone structures of the Greek gods, others have to do a little work on it, but hey, that’s what makeup is for, right? Here are some tips for highlighting your way to amazing cheekbones.

Apply Bronzer

  1. Apply Concealer and Foundation
    After you cleanse, cover up any problem spots with concealer, follow up with some good foundation for an even base.
  2. Use A Bronzer Slightly Darker Than Your Skin Tone
    You can find your skin tone by holding the underside of your wrist up to a natural light source. If your veins take on a green tone,  you have a warm skin tone, go for something with a peach hue. Purple or blues veins imply a cool skin tone: go for an earthy color.  Blue-green veins mean your skin tone is neutral and you can go with something in between.
  3. Apply Bronzer Below Cheekbones
    Suck in your cheeks to locate your “shadow zone,”  that lovely hollow under your cheeks.  Bring your brush to the corner of your mouth and sweep bronzer lightly across, just under the cheekbones.  Continue in a crescent like movement until you’ve reached the hairline, just over the ear.
  4. Blend
    Use your fingertips of a blush to blend in the bronzer, taking care not to spread it to the apple of your cheek.  If you don’t see enough definition, you may need to apply another layer of bronzer.
  5. The Rest of the Face
    To give your cheekbones a little more edge, you can experiment by applying the bronzer along the outer edge of your temples, sweeping down to your jawline, to complete that regal effect.


Blush and Highlighter

  1. Apply Blush 
    Bronzer alone tends to make cheeks look gaunt. Unless your going for a “dead white” you may want to bring a little blush into the picture. Brush blush on the center of the cheek blending any extra into the cheekbone. A little goes a long ways with blush, so proceed with caution. Your blush should match the color of your cheeks when pinched. Generally fairer skin looks best coated in a pink or peach, olive skin may call for something with a bluish hue, while dark skin can go with bright pinks and oranges.
  2. Choose Highlighter
    The highlighter should be sans glitter, slightly lighter than your skin tone.  Golden colors work well with dark skin, while paler skin will do better with something light and pearly.
  3. Apply Highlighter
    Apply highlighter by tapping it to the top of your cheekbone, where it will be most likely to be seen. Extend up to the lower edge of the eye until you reach near the outer corner, blending with small circular motion. The highlighter should appear like a reflection of light, contrasting with the bronzer. Dab a little above the brow bone or to the inner corners of the eyes for even more light play.
  4. Final Adjustments
    End by making sure all makeup is thoroughly blended, avoiding sharp lines and artificial looking effects. Makeup sponges are excellent for blending liquid products, while fluffy brushes are good for powders. If you find you need to remove a bit of the makeup, do so with a balled up tissue pressed lightly to your cheeks.

What do you do when you need your cheekbones to pop? Let us know how you bring out your inner aristocracy! Send us comments and suggestions!


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