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Helping Your Skin Serve Its Purpose

Just like all organs inside the body, your largest organ, the skin, is hard at work all hours of the day and night. In fact, the top layer of skin has the most crucial job. Its job is to act as a barrier between your body and the outside environment. Over time the skin becomes thin, weak and even damaged. Sure, this is natural, however, as the skin weakens it starts to let its guard down which means you’re more likely to experience sensitive and irritated skin. If you notice that your skin’s thinner than it once was or that it’s newly sensitive to products that have never irritated your skin before, then it’s time to focus on building a tougher skin in order to help it serve its purpose. Here’s how!

Stick to the Basics
With so many products on the market today, many women have multi-step routines that are much more complicated than they need to be. Such over-complicated routines put the skin through conditions that it may be unprepared for. Give your skin a break, allow it to rebuild its natural barrier. Go through all the products in your skincare regimen and pluck the ones that are redundant or ineffective. Next, replace harsh chemicals with gentler equivalents, such as swapping an alcohol based toner with which hazel.

Don’t Scrub
Although we typically preach about regular scrub use, a harsh and abrasive cleanser is the last thing you need when your skin is becoming frail. This means no physical abrasive cleanser, ultrasonic bristled brush, and no chemical exfoliants. Many women have turned to these kinds of products on a regular basis and wind up with new and worsening problems. If you feel like your hands don’t get your face as clean as you’d like, visit a local health food store for a dry or fresh flannel sponge. This will give you the extra exfoliation you’re looking for without stripping the surface layer of the skin.

Cool Down
Often, we’re told to wash with warm and hot water. Although this is the most effective way when washing your hands to kill germs and bacteria, it’s not in your best interest to cleanse your face with warm or hot water. Doing so will only strip the skin of its natural oils and lessen its reparative ability. Additionally, if you have hormonal or cystic acne, the heat from the water is likely to increase acne flare-ups. Instead, wash your face with lukewarm or even cool to cold water.

Keep Your Body Hydrated
Due to the body’s natural process, the skin is the last organ to benefit from water. When the skin doesn’t take in the water that it needs, it becomes dry and even frail. This is why it’s so important to hydrate on a continual basis throughout the day. Get yourself a large reusable water bottle to keep near you at all times, and make it your goal to drink at least sixty ounces of water per day.

Always Wear Protection
If you needed another reason to slather on protection, this is it! No matter what condition your skin is, you need to apply ample protection so that it can protect you for years to come.


By Lionesse

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