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Hair Straightener Styling Tips

Hair straightening

As far as beauty goes, there is just a short list of things that are more striking than shiny, sleek, straight hair. Every girl loves running her fingers through her perfectly straightened, untangled hair, this especially true for those natural curly gals who spend hours achieving the look. Although the effort is incomparable, even those with naturally straight hair still have a taxing morning routine; Since their hair is naturally straight, they put in the extra time to be certain it’s absolutely perfect. Truth be told, the majority of all women today have used a hair straightener. Yes, even those with basically straight hair have clamped their strands in-between the hand-held hotplates. Without acquiring the statistics, one might be correct in assuming that a considerably large portion of the American female population owns a flat iron today, whether it’s used on the regular or in the back of the vanity drawer.

Considering you’ve read this far, is likely that you are someone who uses a hair straightener quite often. Surely, you already know that heat tools are the enemy when used improperly, but you may not know the difference between properly and improperly using a flat iron. Fortunately, the remainder of this article provides you with the must-know hair straightener styling tips so you can style your hair like a pro.

Have you ever noticed that flat irons come in a variety of sizes? Many women assume that it’s best to get the straightener with the largest plates, with the belief that it will get the job done faster. However, different hair types will benefit best from different size flat irons. If you have a pixie cut or are someone who likes to straighten their bangs, you will benefit best from a ½” flat iron. If you have thin or fine hair that is bob or lob length, you should use a 1” flat iron. If your hair is medium in both thickness and length then you should opt for a 1 ¼” flat iron. If you have extra thick, very coarse, or curly hair, you should be using a 1 ½” flat iron. Finally, if you have hair that is exceedingly thick and long then you should use a 2” flat iron.

Not only do straighteners come in different sizes, but they are also made with three different types of plates: ceramic, titanium, and tourmaline. You may have heard contradictory information about each one, so were going to finally set the record straight. Ceramic plates are preferred for their ability to heat evenly which means you are less likely to burn your hair. Titanium plates heat up much faster than ceramic plates and transfer heat to the hair faster. If used efficiently, you are less likely to damage your hair with titanium plates, that said, if you aren’t straightening at a fast pace you may cause more harm. Tourmaline is a crystal-like mineral what is ground into a fine powder which is then used to make or coat the heat plates of a flat iron. Because of the mineral’s composition, straighteners with tourmaline plates are able to minimize frizz and leave hair softer and shinier.

Have you ever straightened your hair until (you thought) it was perfect, only to notice that you missed a rather large section? Don’t worry, it happens to everyone at some point or another. The best way around this problem is to clip your hair up so that you are straightening by section rather than all at once. This will allow you to get straighten every last strand.

Finally, if you notice that your hair snags, pulls, and kinks in between the heat plates you may have small knots and tangles in your hair. When you force the straightener to pull through the knots you may be snapping the strands. To keep your hair from splitting run a fine tooth comb through your hair directly below the straightener.


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