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Getting The Most Out Of Your Contour Kit

Everyone loves a good contour kit, although, not everyone knows how to properly use it. Maybe you have an aesthetically organized, all-in-one kit. Or, perhaps, you’ve gathered stand-alone products based off of beauty blogger’s recommendations to customize your own perfect contour kit. Either way, you’re at the right place because we’re going to explain exactly how to use the products in your contour kit so you can get the very most out of it!

Contents of the Perfect Contour Kit
In order to contour properly, you need the proper products. Of course, you may already have an all-in-one kit, however, it’s rare that these kits have everything that’s needed. These are the basics you should have on hand… 

  • Bronzer 
    This might be obvious, but it’s worth the mention! Bronzer is an important part of the contouring process since it creates the shadows which you will apply to shape your face. There are a few different options when it comes to bronzers; they are available as liquids, loose powders, and pressed powders. Additionally, bronzers are sold in both matte and shimmer finishes.
  • Highlighter
    Highlighter is equally as important as a bronzer when it comes to contouring. Some swear by the glow of a highlighter, while others don’t understand it’s purpose—that is, to draw attention to your favorite features.
  • Blush
    This rosy product, which is often forgotten when contouring, provides a natural hue to prevent the bronzer and highlighter from looking overdone.
  • Blending Tools
    If you opt for liquid or cream forms of any of the above-mentioned products, it’s best to use some sort of beauty tools to blend. On the other hand, if you use powdered forms of the contouring products you’ll want to use a few different brushes; opt for an angled brush when applying the bronzer, choose a wide and fluffy eyeshadow brush to apply the highlighter, and a rounded blush brush to apply the blush.

Smiling woman with makeup brush at mirror

Making the Most of It
First thing’s first, you’ll want to apply the bronzer—it should be applied on the areas on those areas that the sun hits. That is, on your nose, across the temples of your forehead, the vertical line of your cheekbones, and along your jawline. Be sure to blend the product outwards towards your hairline. Next, you’ll use the highlighter to lighten up your complexion. Apply the highlighter under the eyes, on the center of your forehead, along the center of the bridge of your nose, and on your chin. Be aware that adding too much highlighter can create the illusion an oily or greasy complexion—take some time to figure out how much works for you. Now apply a hint of blush on the apples of your cheeks.

Although an all-over face brush and finishing powder aren’t mentioned above as products that you’ll need, you can give your contoured look a dynamite finish by dusting an even layer of finishing powder across your face!


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