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Shaving your legs, underarms, and other areas may seem like a chore – or even a nightmare – for those who have the unfortunate experience with nicks, cuts, and stubble left behind that their razor didn’t quite catch. It can be so stressful for some women to shave, that they opt for a painful wax, expensive laser hair removal treatment, and even go as far as letting the hair grow. We shudder to think that any woman would want to allow her legs to be a hairy mess, and we want to help you get the best shave you’ve ever had. Follow along below for some really helpful tips and tricks to get the best shave ever, and have silky smooth legs until it’s time for your next shave. Once you try this method, we’re sure you will never go back to using any other method again.

Woman soaking her legs in the bathtub.

Soak Your Legs
Soaking your legs in a nice warm bath for about 15-20 minutes will soften the hair follicles, thus making it easier for hair removal. You can wash your legs while in the bath, and complete step two as detailed below as well. As an added tip taken from the beautiful Queen Cleopatra: Add about ¾ cup of milk to your bathwater. This can be powdered, fresh, or buttermilk – but the milk proteins will also soften the hair and the skin.

Woman shaving her legs in the bathtub.

Use a Fresh Razor Blade
When the time has come to finally do the deed and begin the shaving process, you want to ensure you have a razor blade with the maximum number of blades possible – this is generally 5 blades in total – and that the razor is of good quality. You also want to ensure you use a fresh razor each time you shave to avoid knicks, cuts, and razor burn.

Woman exfoliating her legs.

Exfoliate Gently
Using a body scrub, gently work the scrub over your legs in small circles ensuring you don’t apply too much pressure with the product to avoid irritation. This will remove the dead skin that your razor doesn’t quite exfoliate, and leave your skin super soft afterwards.

Slather on the Shave Gel
Whether you opt for a shave gel or cream doesn’t make much difference as it’s usually based on personal preference, but we suggest a good shave gel. These shave gels typically turn into a creamy, foamy lather when applied to and rubbed onto the skin, giving your razor blade a silky surface to slide across, preventing nicks and cuts. 

Woman shaving her legs in the bath tub.

Shave Slowly
When you take the razor to your skin, you want to ensure that you are shaving slowly in upward motions against your leg. Contrary to popular belief, shaving in the direction of the hair doesn’t quite work well as it leaves far too many hairs behind. We want to make sure you are getting the most complete, smooth shave possible, which is why we suggest shaving slowly, carefully, and with precision. This will eliminate all of the hair in the razor’s path and also, prevent razor burn. After you have finished your shave, rinse your legs thoroughly.

Pat Legs Dry
Once you’ve finished shaving and have rinsed thoroughly, it’s time to exit the tub. You will want to pat your legs dry with a soft towel, not abrasively rub against them. This will prevent razor burn from occurring, as well as any other irritation. Also, you want a small amount of moisture to remain on your legs for the next step.

Woman applying lotion after shaving her legs.

Apply Unscented Moisturizing Lotion
After you have pat your legs dry, you will want to slather a good moisturizing body lotion onto your legs that is scent-free to avoid unnecessary irritation and burning. Be sure to apply a good amount of moisturizer to your legs, and allow the lotion to soak into the skin.

Once you have completed all of the steps above, you should be thoroughly happy with the outcome of your shave. If you follow all of the steps as detailed, you will no doubt use this as your go-to regimen for shaving time and time again. You’re welcome!


By Lionesse

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