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Foods for Glowing Skin

Glowing skin

Who doesn’t recognize that “glow” in a person’s skin when they see it? The good news is, that “glow” is no longer reserved for pregnant women! There is a lot more that contributes to having glowing skin than meets the eye. In fact, too many people mistakenly have been led to believe that in order to achieve that lovely skin glow, they just need to find the perfect cream or lotion, and then make sure to use it frequently. While good quality, effective moisturizing creams and lotions are certainly an important aspect of attaining glowing skin, they are only a part of the whole picture. In fact, if you were to break down the various methods of producing glowing skin into two groups, with one being comprised of external catalysts, and the other group being formed from the internal ones (meaning everything you put into your body,) it would be the internal factors that outweigh the external ones, making up the greater ratio of responsible means to achieve the end result of glowing skin. Check out this list of super foods for the advanced glow that everyone dreams of:

Berries and Cherries
By making cherries and berries your go-to snack food. you’ll be packing in much-needed antioxidants, and from scientific research, there appears to be a correlation between higher incidents of acne breakouts and low levels of antioxidants. Look for berries and cherries with the darkest color, as these are known to contain higher levels of the good stuff.

Fresh tomatoes.

Even if you are not a real fan of raw tomatoes, it doesn’t matter here, as the skin benefits from tomatoes can be obtained from their cooked form, just as nicely. Tomatoes get their red color from a phytochemical known as “Lycopene,” which has been proven to effectively block the activity of a hormone known to produce acne breakouts. The recommended frequency is to consume around three to five servings of one or another form of tomatoes every week.

Green Tea
A shameless hormone known to stir up acne, known as dihydrotestosterone, is unable to stand against the key ingredients in green tea. Especially during acute outbreaks, you should consume up to five cups every day, until the acne flare subsides. The antioxidants in green tea will work wonders on your skin’s behalf, as well. It’s fine to doctor your brew up with honey and lemon without impairing its acne-fighting, skin-helping power.glowing skin.

Grilled salmon and veggies.

Fish and Seafood share sufficient levels of the valuable omega-3 fatty acids that slow down wrinkle formation, from their anti-inflammatory power. While people with acne are urged to eat no less than four to five servings of Omega-3, through the fish known to deliver it, there are other mood elevating benefits for people who are prone to stress–another skin-enemy. Because most people, for a variety of reasons, just would not eat that much fish in a week’s time, there are easy-to-take fish oil supplements sold everywhere.

How do YOU keep your skin looking healthy? We would love to hear from you! Tell us about your top secret tips to glowing skin.


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