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Fix Up Your Feet for Summer

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Summer has finally arrived and now it’s time to get our feet summer ready. With the temperatures soaring, it only makes sense to slip on your favorite sandals. However, nothing can ruin your look more than un-pedicured feet. Not to worry though, you can transform your feet from deprived to perfectly polished in no time with the help of these tips from Lionesse.

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Begin the pampering process by soaking your feet in warm water. This will help to soften and loosen up the dead skin that has been accumulating over the colder months. After soaking for about five to ten minutes, remove feet and scrub with a pumice stone. This tool is great for removing calluses. This step is extremely important as it plays a big part in the overall softness of your feet. Another product that will assist in getting your feet smooth is an exfoliating scrub. Scrubs like these will get rid of dead skin and reveal a younger fresher looking appearance. The exfoliating beads work together by eliminating rough skin from the bottoms of your feet. Lotion will play a key role in getting your feet season ready. It will help to provide an extra layer of moisture. A thicker lotion is best as it will hydrate and work more deeply. For an added bonus, put on socks immediately after applying the lotion. They will help to keep the moisture in and take out all of the dryness that you may be experiencing. When you wake up the next day, your feet will be as soft as a baby’s bottoms.

Woman getting a pedicure in a salon.

One step that is vital in your pedicure routine is fixing your cuticles. You can either push them back or use cuticle oil to give a cleaner more seamless look. Now it’s time to work on your toenails, cut them to desired length, and then file. The shape of the nail is up to you; go for either round or square. Now comes the fun part, painting your nails. Start off by using toe dividers to separate each individual toe. This will help to ensure paint not getting on your other toes and ruining the pedicure. When using nail polish, it is best to apply two coats to each toe. Doing so will allow the polish to stay on for a longer period of time. After you are finished and both coats are dry, apply a top coat. A top coat helps to seal in the color and leaves a glossy finish. This added step will give your toes a more professional and polished look. When it comes to choosing a nail polish color, have fun! Summer is a great time to experiment with color and designs. Colors like coral, hot pink or even white will look good and help compliment your tanned skin. To make an even bigger statement, add some nail art like flowers or stripes to take your pedicure to the next level.

Once you have completed these steps you can begin to enjoy your effortlessly smooth and polished feet. Show off your newly renovated feet by wearing a fun strappy sandal or go casual with flip-flops. Now that your feet are groomed you can put your best foot forward, literally!


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