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Fall Hair Colors That Pop

It’s the Fall season finally! Time to put away our bleached out tresses to get into a more natural groove. The Fall is all about warm hair colors that are a little richer and more vibrant than a carefree Summer look. Fall hair colors that pop to get you noticed are what you want. It’s all about getting ready for decadent colors that will look lush and lovely well into the cold Winter months. Here are some of the best hair colors to explore this fall.

woman with red hair

Red Red and More Reds
Think of all the changing colors of the leaves. That’s where you can take some Fall hair color inspiration. If you have always thought about going red, why not do it in the fall to match the gorgeous Fall foliage? Think of vibrant reds that are crackling with fiery life. Or if you can’t commit to a full shade of red, think auburn. That’s a brunette shades with just a hint of red. Ask for an all over warm chestnut with reddish highlights from your color stylist. Bring them pictures to make sure you are getting the exact Fall shade you desire.

Lowlights Are In
In the Summer it’s all about natural highlights that impart a halo glow. For the Fall months, you can tone it down a notch with some expertly applied lowlights. This involves darkening the strands of your natural hair color just a little bit darker than usual. It’s best to warm up your entire look without committing to an all over hair color. Plus, the maintenance of lowlights is usually less than traditional highlights. The lowlights add dimension and depth of color that just screams Fall.

woman with ombre hair color

Consider an Ombre Look
Ombre is another low maintenance look that is just right for Fall. Ombre is where the ends are just lighter about halfway down the hair shaft towards the end. This usually works on medium blondes, or right brunettes very well. It highlights the face in a natural way on people with longer hair. You want the hair with an ombre colored look to be past the collarbone or even longer.

Or try the “Tiger Eye” look which is going to mimic the color of a tiger eye stone. Dark in the middle (the roots) with graduated lighter colors going towards the ends. It’s similar to the ombre look, but usually requires a few different shades extra. Ask you colorist for this latest hot trend in Fall hair color to be ahead of the styles on this one. People are just discovering this hot look right now.


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