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Do’s and Don’ts of Healthy Cuticles and Nails

Let’s be honest, we’ve become so focused on the size of our pores and the arch of our brows that the premise of nail care has been swept under the rug. Maybe you paint your nails on a regular basis, but unless you’re going to the nail salon for a buff and trim regularly, chances are that your nails aren’t getting the proper love and care they deserve. Read through the do’s and dont’s of healthy cuticles and nails listed below and get yourself back on track with a proper nail care routine!

Do Shape and Trim Your Nails Regularly
Shaping and trimming your nails is probably the easiest and least painful form of body maintenance. Not only does shaping and trimming your nails make them look cared for, but it also makes them easier to paint and less likely to break. Make it a point to shape your nails every seven to fourteen days; depending on how fast your nails grow you may find that a simple nail file does the trick. However, if you’re not as diligent, or your nails have a tendency to grow faster you may find that it’s easier to use the clippers to shorten your nails, then follow up with a file to even out harsh edges.

Do Moisturize Your Cuticles
While this particular part of the nails has gotten a reputation of being purposeless, it’s purpose is really quite vital. The cuticles are the front line defenders protecting the nail bed from all the bacteria and fungi that your fingers come in contact with on any given day. Moisturizing is a key component to keep the cuticles functioning properly.

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Don’t Bite Your Nails
This can be a seemingly-unbreakable habit for some, however, there are many resources available for chronic nail biters. On the other hand, some of you may not bite your nails regularly but will occasionally notice the urge to munch on your fingers on those extra stressful days. Resist that urge! Just think, everything that you’ve touched throughout the day has bacteria that’s now harboring under your nails – you don’t want that in your mouth! Plus, your teeth can’t do nearly as good of a job a trimming as your clippers can; biting your nails only leads to a jagged nail.

Don’t Over-Do Cuticle Maintenance
In addition to moisturizing your cuticles, it’s important to pay attention to the maintenance that you perform on them. Remember, the cuticle is the body’s first defense against icky and unwanted substances that come in contact with the nail, so it’s essential that they remain where they are. Should you choose to push back your cuticles, be mindful that you’re not pushing them back to far and putting the nail bed at risk. Further, if you decide to trim your cuticles, be sure that you are only removing the part of the skin that has already begun lifting away.

Don’t Peel Your Polish
To some, chipping polish can be an eye sore. If it bothers you that much that you feel the need to remove the polish instantly, it may be best to keep a few polish removing pads in your bag. While it can be satisfying, peeling polish can actually rip off layers of your nail. Yikes!


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