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Don’t Skip These Three Skin Care Products

One of the greatest parts of being a writer in the beauty industry, the Lionesse team will tell you, is the access thousands of insider tips and tricks, most of which have been passed down and taught by the industry’s leading experts. Many of the top professionals have worked in numerous countries and are trusted by men and women all around the world. Recently, the Lioness writers had the chance to chit chat with a renowned dermatologist who happened to share an insider secret on keeping skin looking youthful for decades. The secret: a trio of products that you should never be without. Keep reading to find out which three skin care products you should never skip again and how they’ll benefit you most.

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Product Number One: Sunscreen/ Sunblock
With how many products now offer UVA/UVB protection there really is no excuse to skip this step. No matter what the season or what kinds of weather conditions are on the forefront that day, it’s important to always apply sun protection if you are going outside of the house during the day. This will prolong the skin from premature aging, including things like wrinkles, age spots, and sagging. One thing to always keep in mind is the even application of sun protection; many people remember to apply sunscreen to their face, but forget that it’s equally important to apply protection to all other exposed areas of your skin such as the neck, chest, arms, and hands.

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Product Number Two: Topical Antioxidants
UV rays cast down by the sun are harmful in part by the radiation and pollution accompanied by the sun’s free radicals. When there isn’t enough sun protection, the free radicals can cause the skin to age prematurely and can even lead to cancer. So what can we do? The industry-known dermatologist suggests applying a topical antioxidant which will work to neutralize the free radicals. Today, there are many serums and day creams that are fortified with antioxidants, which will work to rid the skin of free radicals and prevent aging. When choosing a product, look for powerful antioxidant ingredients including vitamin C or vitamin E, or even ingredients such as caffeine, polyphenol or resveratrol.

Product Number Three: Chemical Grade Exfoliators
Many women understand the importance to and benefits of exfoliating the skin on a regular basis. What many don’t understand, on the contrary, is just how important it is to use different types of exfoliants. For example, many people use a product that is classified as a “physical exfoliant” which are the typical facial scrubs that are made with tiny beads. The thing is, these kinds of exfoliants can be overly harsh on the delicate facial skin, ultimately causing more harm than good. However, the skin should be exfoliated on a regular basis, non-the-less. So, what’s the solution? Experts recommend using a chemical exfoliant on a regular basis to remove dead skin cell without causing damage. When choosing a chemical exfoliant go for a product with glycolic acid.


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