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Communicate With Color

Psychology is the science of the human brain and its various influences on our behaviors. There is a specific area of psychology devoted to color; color psychology researchers seek to understand the role colors play on human behavior.  Alecka Camp, a recent graduate with a B.A. in psychology and a concentration in human communication, has a wealth of knowledge on the psychology of color. If you are interested in learning more about Camp and her research in the field, readers are welcome to connect with her on LinkedIn. The following article is written by Camp:

The research behind color psychology is taken very seriously by many marketers, product designers, and decorators. There are also many eastern practices that revolve around the color of one’s aura. Whether we look at the psychology of color from an empirical aspect or from a spiritual aspect, one thing is for certain: colors can alter our physical, mental, and emotional states. Below is a list of the 10 most well-known colors; I’m going to discuss a little bit about the color including its effects on our own psyche when faced with the color, as well as the message it communicates to others when wearing each color.

The color red has the longest wavelength of all colors and is thought to have the most personal associations than any other color. Red is most often recognized as a stimulant and draws immediate attention and focus. Interestingly, red can induce and encourage confidence, enthusiasm, and energy which can ultimately increase one’s blood pressure, heart rate, and respiration. If you wish to communicate intense emotions such as love and passion, red is the color to wear.

Happy woman in orange dress and shades

Orange is very controversial color, as far as association and responses go; that is, people seem to either have very positive or very negative association with the color. That said, orange has been found to inspire activity and socialization and even stimulate hunger. Orange is a great color when meeting new people or even playing with children, as it communicates that you are spontaneous, creative, and outgoing.

This bright hue is often associated with optimism, joy, and creativity—in fact, yellow is the psychologically the happiest color in western cultures. Intriguingly, in Greek cultures yellow signifies sadness, and French cultures yellow indicates jealousy. That said, the color stimulates the nervous system, triggers memory, and inspires communication. If you are a professor yellow is a great color to wear when lecturing, as it communicates to others that what you have to say is important and worth concentration.

Green takes up the most space, spectrum-wise, in the human eye—perhaps because it’s so prevalent in the natural world. The color elicits a sense of calming and self-control. Additionally, green produces mental and physical relaxation, and has even been found to ease depression and anxiety. If you’re trying to communicate in a masculine and conservative tone, green is a great color to wear.

Smiling woman in blue dress with flowers

The color of both the sky and the ocean, blue is viewed as trustworthy and dependable. Research shows that people are more productive and intuitive in blue rooms, additionally, the color promotes a sense of calmness. Blue communicates both loyalty, ease, and control, making it a great color for both dates and interviews.

This secondary color seems to educe red’s stimulation and blue’s peace and is often associated with magic and royalty. Purple has been found to calm one’s nerves and encourage creativity. Purple, unfortunately, communicates an artificial notion; while it may not be the best color to wear for a formal or business occasion, it’s a great option for themed events.

This strong color is viewed as both powerful and emotional, in fact, it Is highly associated with power and sophistication and power. Black makes one feel inconspicuous and promotes a curious sense of possibility and potential. Black is known to communicate power and authority, beware though, it’s also known to make people seem unapproachable.

Smiling woman in white shirt

White is accepted as a pure, clean, and neutral hue. From picket fences and wedding dresses to castles and clouds, white symbolizes happiness and achievement. It’s been found that white encourages tidiness, evokes mental clarity, and promotes new beginnings. White is the perfect color to wear for a school or job interview, as it communicates that you are clean, manageable, and versatile.


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