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Choosing The Perfect Lipstick Color

If—like most of us—you’ve ever convinced yourself to buy a specific shade of lipstick because it looked amazing on Beyoncé or Amy Schumer, only to get home, apply the color, and absolutely hate it, you’re not alone. Although many cosmetic stores are lenient with their return policy these days, bringing the lipstick back to the store just seems out of the question; after all, you’ve probably already convinced yourself that maybe it will look good another day. While it may be hard to admit, but chances are that you have more shades of lipstick that you don’t wear than ones that you do.

If this sounds about right, it’s time to change that! We’ve put together the following guide to make finding your perfect shade of lipstick easier than ever. Here we explain how to choose the color that’s right for you based off your undertone. We know that some of you may have trouble identifying their undertone—this is why we provide multiple descriptors of the undertone so that you can properly identify your undertone. By identifying your undertone, you will be able to choose the lip color that’s best for you.

Uncover Your Undertone 

Cool Undertones
Those with cool undertones will have a pinkish-red or bluish hue to their skin. In addition, if you flip your wrists over and peek at your veins, you’ll find that they are a shade of blue (rather than green). Silver jewelry often complements cool undertones; however, the sun will burn you if you don’t apply ample amounts of sunscreen.

Those with cool undertones should go for lip colors that sync with the blue undertone of the skin; lip shades with either both blue and purple undertones will look the best for those with cool undertoned skin. It’s a good idea to avoid orangey or peachy shades and instead go for deep shades.

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Warm Undertones
Those with warm undertones may notice that they have a yellow or olive hue to the color of their skin—some people say that those with warm undertones give off a golden glow. If you flip your wrist over and notice that your veins look green, then it’s more than likely that you have warm undertones. Gold jewelry complements your skin and you find that you can get a tan quite easily.

Quite the opposite of cool undertones, those with warm undertones should opt for lip colors in warmer shades. Warm undertones look great with bright colors, especially pure reds and even peach shades. Finally, the olive hue of warm undertones is complemented by lighter shades; lighter colors will enhance your complexion, rather than wash it out.

Neutral Undertones
Those with neutral undertones are quite lucky as far as lip color is concerned. Those with neutral undertones will find that both gold and silver jewelry compliments their skin. If you’ve got neutral undertones, the world of lip color is your oyster; you can rock pretty much any color you please!


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