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Choosing The Perfect Eyebrow Shape For Your Face

In a perfect world, we wouldn’t have to put too much effort into the shape of our brows; unfortunately, if we don’t put at least minimal effort into the brows we can end up with a bushy mess on the top half of our face. Plus, eyebrow maintenance isn’t exactly one-size-fits-all, either. That is, just like haircuts, getting the perfect brow shape depends on the general shape of your face. In fact, the perfect brow shape is so specific that because it’s based on the dimensions of your face it can emphasize your eyes, and even make you look younger and use less makeup. The gist of the idea is that when the brow is arched properly it will balance the symmetry of your face which makes you appear healthy, rested, and ultimately more attractive. Now that we’ve gotten your attention, read through the guide below to discover the perfect eyebrow shape for your face.

Square Shaped Face
A square face is most recognized by the blunt square jawline that outlines the angularity of the rest of the face. In fact, because the angles of the jawline are so defined, it is unnecessary to add more angles to the face with the brow. Instead, go for a slightly rounded brow shape, as this will bring out the areas of the temple and even define your cheekbones. That said, be wary of creating an over-rounded brow shape will skew the angles of the face making them look excessively defined.

Rectangular face

Long or Rectangular Shaped Face
A long face is easily characterized by the vertically elongated and facial features, which is why it’s best to style your brows to that straight across the brow bone and keep the outer brow tail extended as much as possible to enhance the horizontal features.

Round Shaped Face
The key to maintaining a perfect brow on a round shaped face is to be sure that the brows are angular to bring out the definition that a round face is lacking. You can achieve the definition by creating a strong arch along the brow bone, this will bring out the cheekbones and widen the eyes. Additionally, by extending the bridge of the brow as far as possible you can even create the illusion of a heart shaped face.

Heart Shaped Face
A heart shaped face features a delicate jawline which leaves the majority of emphasis on the upper half of the face. That being said, it’s important to keep the brows well maintained and beautifully shaped (this also means that the bold brow trend isn’t the best idea for you). The key is to keep your brow constricted and controlled to create a balance between the upper and lower halves of the face.

Oval shape

Oval Shaped Face
Those with oval shaped faces don’t need to worry too much about technicalities, that’s because oval shaped faces tend to have a classic balance between the facial features. The one thing that can be done to enhance your facial structure is by adding just the slightest arch to the brow.


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