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Borrow These Selfie Poses From The Stars

If you’re like most, you’ve probably taken more than a few selfies in the last few years. Deciding whether or not to post a selfie, now that’s a whole other task; after all, if the selfie isn’t just right, the idea of posting it on social media for the whole world to see can be pretty daunting. However, we here at Lionesse believe that everyone should have the chance to post a fierce selfie and flaunt their finesse. That’s why we’ve scrolled through the endless social media streams of celebrities and noted their most popular selfie poses.

The Single Brow Raise
This pose is both sexy and sassy, not to mention, this selfie pose is loved by just about every starlet. We suppose that the love for this pose has something to do with the eyebrow obsession. Your face is the full focus of this pose, which is why many celebs take this selfie with a full face of makeup and extra enhanced brows.

The Bambi
The Bambi seems to be the go-to post when you want to show off your curves. Somehow the stars manage to make this post look natural and comfortable, but you may find that it takes some practice to get the pose just right. Show of your Bambi pose by sitting down on your knees and lifting your bum up off your heels, then turn your head and look back over your shoulder.

The Lean N’ Pout
This pose is particularly cute when taken with your boyfriend or even a close guy friend. Simply lean your body into your man’s chest or shoulder—as if to give him a one-handed side hug—and pout your lips for the camera.

The Millennial Wall
Of course, by “millennial wall” we mean the millennial pink wall that all the stars seem to know about. The concept of this selfie is simple: you should be accessorizing the wall. That’s right, stick to a basic pose, maybe even a side profile, and let the pink wall take up most of the area of the picture.

The Phone-In-Face
Remember when selfies first became a thing? There was a point when everyone would try to move the phone to different angles in the mirror to make it look like it wasn’t actually a mirror pic. Well, those days are over; selfies with phones are now A-Okay. Of course, this pose usually isn’t about a perfect makeup look or on having your blows on fleek. Rather, this selfie is often meant to capture the majority of your body, making it perfect for an OOTD post!

The Cheek-To-Shoulder
Celebs often pose this way when posting fun Snapchat filters on their stories. This sweet and pose is all about finding the right amount of head tilt and shoulder lift. If you feel that you have a “good side” now’s the perfect opportunity to flaunt it by tilting the other side of your face.

The Travel Look
Since most celebrities travel more often than the rest of us, they’ve had more practice—and opportunity—at this one. However, the concept is simple, if you’re traveling for any reason, be sure to snap a pic whenever the inspiration strikes. Whether it’s a mirror pic in the powder room or a sneaker selfie as you walk across town.


By Lionesse

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