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Have you ever noticed how many beauty tips there are for the same problem that needs to be solved? Well, there’s a lot! Truth be told, many of the beauty tips out there aren’t effective when it comes to holding up to their claims. Next time you get in a beauty rut and don’t know where to turn, remember this article. Why, you ask? Well the remainder of the page is loaded with tried and true beauty tips and tricks that really work. Check it out!

Got roots?
Are your highlights looking more like an ombre? Perhaps you don’t have time to go to the salon and a baseball cap isn’t exactly work appropriate. Grab you’re a comb and worry no more. You can camouflage your roots by creating a zig-zag part. It may take a few tries, you’ll be amazed by the difference.

Tell it like it is.
Have you ever left the salon and realized that your hair isn’t styled the way you wanted it to be. Perhaps you knew the moment your stylist took out her shears or applied color. The thing is, you have no one to blame but yourself. If you feel like the stylist doesn’t understand what you’re asking for, then speak up. If you’re having a hard time explaining something, ask if you can have a minute to pull it up on your phone. Not only will you feel better knowing that you got what you wanted, but the stylist will feel better knowing that you left thrilled and are likely to return. Just remember, with hair, as in much of life, communication is key.

Work your way up.
Ever notice how painful, timely, and taxing it is to brush and detangle medium to long length hair? We as women get used to the pain of maintenance, but we shouldn’t have to. Next time you’re combing through wet hair, remember to start at the bottom and work your way up. Do this by brushing out the bottom half (from the center to the ends) of the strands first, then brush out the upper half (from the roots down). You’ll notice this method to be much less strenuous.

Work with the root.
If you wince at each and every strand of brow hair that you pluck, you may be plucking against the direction of the root. If a brow hair is growing upward, don’t pluck down, if it’s grown outward, don’t tweeze in. Instead, use the tweezers to pluck each hair in the direction that it’s growing. Of course, there will still be some pain, but it will be much more tolerable.

women with cucumbers on eyes

Decompress to impress.
One of the worst looks a person can have is exhaustion. Dark circles and puffy eyes not only look harsh, but make many people insecure. Instead of cake-ing on the under eye concealer use the power of temperature difference to depress and de-puff the eyes. Do this by applying a cold compress over your closed eyes for a few moments. The difference is almost instant.

Keep your hands to yourself.
One of the most common causes of breakouts is perpetual touching. Think of how many germ-filled things your fingers touch in just one hour. When you touch your face all the bacteria from everything you’ve touched is being spread onto your skin. So seriously, hands off.


By Lionesse

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