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Are You Ready To Rock a Fringe Hair Cut?

If you are thinking of changing up your hairstyle, you might want to consider this trend. It has a beautiful 70’s bohemian vibe that is truly a bit rock n’ roll. The best part about this style is that it will work for a variety of different hair types and textures. What is this rocking cut? The fringe haircut, of course! If you aren’t sure about what the fringe hair cut looks like then just picture blunt cut bangs and layers on either side of the face.

woman with fringe hair cut
Take The Plunge
If you are ready to take the plunge into a fringe hairstyle, many stylists will cut the layers with a razor blade to give it a textured look. As long as you natural hair isn’t too fine this should work well for you. The length of the hair can be bobbed, mid-length, or even long with graduated layers in the front getting shorter towards your chin and cheekbones. For the bangs, you want them to be blunt cut but not too perfect. A little uneven in the front is alright because you can also sweep them to the side or part them down the middle for a different look.

Celebrity Inspiration
For celebrity inspiration, you can look tquite a few people who sport the fringe look. Zoey DesChanel, Alexa Chung, and Sienna Miller are some of the ones who wear this look well on the red carpet and in their daily life. The reason being is that it works very well with a naturally wavy texture. It doesn’t have to be strictly straight to be beautiful is the lesson that a fringe hairstyle teaches us. As a “cool girl” look, it never goes out of style and looks a little bit as though you just rolled out of bed to effortless beauty. Isn’t that what everyone wants? Low key hair that doesn’t take a ton of work, but looks amazing is the goal of this style.

hair stylist cutting hair
Wash and Go
The goal of the fringe cut is to be able to style it in a hurry. It’s a wash and wear look that isn’t too fussy. You should be able to shower, apply a leave-in conditioner, and some wave enhancing spray or texturizer to let your tresses air dry. If you want to blow dry it out, you can do that as well for a smoother look. Just make sure you apply some heat protectant product, and smoothing cream. With a fringe look, in order for it to look good, your hair needs to be healthy. Keep up with the regular trims to maintain your shape and make the hair look vibrant and alive. This is a style that should move with you. That’s part of the rock star appeal of the fringe look!



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