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Have you ever noticed just how much hair falls out of your head every day? As if all that hair that slips down the shower drain wasn’t enough. Then when you brush your hair, later on, it seems like you lose enough hair in your brush to make a small wig, am I right? If you too feel like you’re losing all this hair but you’re unsure whether or not you’re losing too much, fret no more.

According to experts, lots of women are worried about their hair loss but only a very small percentage of them have anything to worry about.  According to trained scalp expert (a.k.a  trichologist) Anabel Kingsley, it is typical for the average adult to lose anywhere from sixty to one hundred strands of hair per day. You might be thinking to yourself that there is no way you and your hubby lose the same amount of hair, but think about it: his hair may only be one or two inches long, while your hair, on the other hand, may be anywhere from fifteen to thirty inches long! Without sounding icky, if you were to make a pile of one hundred pieces of his hair, next to a pile of one hundred pieces of your hair, your pile would most certainly be a bigger pile. The point being that your one hundred strands per day might look different than your man’s one hundred strands or your sister’s, but it’s totally normal.

That being said there are various factors that may cause some individuals to lose shed more strands than usual. It’s important to understand that, much like facial hair and hair on the arms and legs, the hair on your scalp as seen as a “non-essential” body tissue. Because of this, it is quick to react to any sort of stressful situation the body is experiencing, not only through hair loss but also through hair growth. For example, when young women become very active during or shortly after the pubescent period, they may feel prideful when shedding belly fat, that is until they experience hair growth on their tummy. The body is reacting to the fat loss by producing hair to keep the reproductive system warm. Contrarily, if someone is feeling ill, suffering from symptoms such as tummy troubles, high fever, and loss of appetite, they are likely to experience heightened hair shedding during their illness, as well as for the following six to ten weeks.

If you’re currently sick or just getting over a bug, rest assured, any extra hair loss that you’re experiencing is only temporary. As the hair loss subsides, your body will naturally reproduce enough extra hair to compensate for any hair that you lost.  Additionally, some individuals find that they shed more hair in the winter, when their hair is dry and brittle, while others notice that they lose more stands during the summer with the sun, sand, and saltwater to blame. It is also good to keep in mind how often you wash your locks; if you wash every other day, you’ll notice more hair loss on those wash-days, compared to the amount of hair loss you’d notice if washed on a daily basis, simply because they shedding hair begins to build up.


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