Yoga Poses for Glowing Skin

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Over the past decade or two, yoga has managed to infiltrate nearly every walk of life, crossing cultural boundaries and making a name for itself as the main go-to solution to target improved health, peace of mind, relaxation, relief from sleeplessness, retain or increase suppleness, further weight loss efforts, increase longevity and a myriad of other benefits. Westerners are still discovering new and exciting ways in which the regular practice of this ancient art will promote health and healing. There is much hopeful news coming from scientific studies that point to a host of incredible benefits to be derived from practicing yoga. Once such finding offers quite promising results of yoga delivering an amazing and radiant glow to the skin. In practicing basic yoga, there are different positions, or asanas that are assumed and held for various lengths of time, with each posture addressing its own special targets for healing and health.

There are so many cool aspects to using yoga for glowing skin–for one thing, you never “run out,” and you can do it anywhere. It’s 100% free of toxins and chemicals, and you won’t ever have to go somewhere to get more–not to mention all of the other wondrous benefits.

The Glow From the Flow
Certain asanas offer excellent means of increasing the circulation of blood to the head and face, specifically. Among the better known are the Cobra, the Plow, the Fish, a Shoulder Stand and the Triangle pose. For more, look for the positions that are inverted and include bending forward, as these proven poses increase blood circulation where it’ll do the most good to the skin of the face.

Forget About Sweat, and Target Those Nasty Breakouts
There are many exercises in yoga that focus on breathing. Called pranayamas, these provide instant cooling relief for braving those hot temps, and many are designed to be assumed daily, while some can be performed twice a year or so. Like the Sheetali and Sheetkari, where you stick out your tongue, curling the sides upward, then breathe in with the mouth, hold it and slowly exhale through the nose. This is repeated a total of ten times. You’ll feel cooler immediately. While sweating is good for the skin, isn’t it nice to know that there are yoga poses that help you choose when and where you do it?

To Aid the Skin Glowing Dietary Objective
Yoga poses that help your digestive process will obviously help your skin at the same time, as they improve the speed by which everything you consume moves through your body. Issues like sluggish bowels and constipation tend to produce a buildup of toxins in the body that can be difficult to expel. Keep everything moving, and you’ll see that skin radiate the benefits. There are a number of asanas involving focused breathing skills that work like magic on the digestive system.

Feel the Glow
The practice of yoga involving daily meditation–twice daily–has a miraculous calming effect on your entire system, which promotes optimum function of every organ and cell, and also leaves you with a sustained radiance from that deep down feeling of well-being and peace. There is a rare beauty that comes from those who have found inner peace through regular meditation, and it is more lovely than any makeup ever thought about being.


By Lionesse

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