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Why You Should Never Apply Make Up At Your Desk

Chances are if you work in an office environment, you’ve seen someone at some point apply makeup at their desk, and it’s a topic that makes for a rather interesting debate. There are those who say it depends on your work environment, some who are either very pro or con, or others who couldn’t care less one way or another, but in this particular article, we’re going to discuss why it might not be in your best interest to apply makeup at your desk.

Your Boss Might Not Be Too Pleased
Even if there’s no set-in-writing rule about applying makeup at your desk, your boss might not be thrilled about it. You might find it better to just apply the makeup elsewhere—such as in the bathroom—rather than end up having a discussion with your boss about how they feel it’s not the best idea to put makeup on at the desk.

The Germs Are Everywhere
Work desks are typically pretty germy places, and even if you wipe down your desk, there’s still the keyboard, phone, folders and papers others touched, office supplies, etc. Then there are also any germs that are already on your hands as well as on your makeup packaging. The last thing you probably want is to get sick because of your makeup.

Your Makeup Products Might Be Unsanitary
There are many who have a makeup drawer or box on their desk where they keep products that they can use to touch-up when they need to, but the makeup and brushes might not be the most sanitary. First, if the products are in a dirty desk drawer, germs might have gotten all over them. Also, how old is that makeup? It’s easy to forget how long it’s been there or think that if it’s only used for touch-ups then it really doesn’t have an expiration date, but once opened, the clock starts ticking on how long they’re good for.

It Might Not Give Off The Best Personal Impression
As previously stated, applying makeup at a work desk is one of those debatable topics, so while there are some at your job who might have zero problems with you putting on some mascara, concealer, or lipstick, others might take issue with it. In the workplace, impressions matter not just on a personal level but on a professional one as well, and with some, that might include putting makeup on at your desk.

Your Priorities Might Seem Off
Many consider that once you sit at your desk it’s official work hours, so if you’re applying makeup while you’re there, it may seem as though you’re using company time to put cosmetics on rather than working. This is especially the case if coworkers know you have a substantial amount of work to do.

The Products Might Smell
Perfume, nail polish, or nail polish remover, along with some other beauty products, might leave behind a rather unpleasant smell when you apply them at your desk. Even if you open the products for a couple of seconds the smell might be enough to bother coworkers and could even waft throughout the rest of the office depending on what you’re using.

What it comes down to is that as seemingly simple as it might be to put makeup on at your desk at work, you might be better off forgoing it and either doing it at home or applying it in the bathroom before you get to your desk.

By Sarah Loh

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