What’s The Best Exercise For You?

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“You’ve always been beautiful. Now you’re just deciding to be
healthier, fitter, faster, and stronger. Remember That.”
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Everyone has that one friend who is always obsessing over the latest fitness trends. If they’re not trying to get you to go to some crazy boot camp class with them chances are they’re trying to convince you that waking up at the crack of dawn to do yoga in your front yard is the best way to do your salutations. Kudos to all the fitness-fanatic friends out there. Although their advice may come at the worst of times, it’s important to remember that it’s coming from a loving and caring place. With all that said, chances are that the reason your fitness-fanatic friend is always encouraging you to try this or that is because you haven’t found a workout routine that you love. Perhaps this is due to the lack of free time that you have at the end of the day. Maybe it’s because you haven’t found a workout that you enjoy, or you aren’t too sure what the best exercise is for you.

Concerns and curiosities such as those just mentioned are totally normal. In fact, as you mature and make your way down the winding road that is life, the answers to these questions are more than likely to change. However, don’t worry about the future. Instead, take a few moments to focus on the here and now. In doing so, think about your health goals.

Keeping in consideration those thoughts that have crossed your mind, go forth and read the set of questions below. Since no two people are the same, we’ve structured the following questions to help you determine what exercise is that best for you.

What do you hope to get out of working out?
In other words, what are your health and fitness related goals? If you don’t plan on running a 5K, chances are you don’t need to pound the pavement for 60 minutes each day. If you’re not interested in gaining muscle then you shouldn’t be stressing about that extra rep. Figure out what your fitness goals are and train in a way that makes sense for those goals. If you’re not sure what your goals are, train for a healthy and active life.

Are you over-focusing or under-focusing on specific parts of your body?
Often times people focus so much on that one muscle group that they want results in (i.e., focusing on your abs in hopes of a flat tummy, or focusing on your glutes to get a round booty) but the forget that their body is so much more than a specific muscle group. When was the last time you brought your attention to your heart (a.k.a. the most important muscle in the body)? How about your joints, circulation, coordination, or balance? These are all aspects of health and fitness that help your body run smoothly, it’s important to find a way to incorporate them into your workout routine too.

Does your workout fit into your life?
You may have found that hard-core gut-busting workout that will get you into those jeans in a few months, but is this routine actually manageable? If not, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to stick to it. Remember, exercise should be reducing stress, not adding to it. If a workout does work for you, find one that does.


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