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With nice summer weather in full effect, there’s no reason that anyone should be stuck working out indoors. Certainty, treadmills are irreplaceable and there’s no denying that Julian Michael’s cardio videos can get anyone’s heart pumping.

The thing is, exercise equipment and aerobic videos are a great way to get a workout indoors, during the colder and rainier months of the year. When the sun is shining, don’t stay indoors! Instead, slather on some sunblock and go for a run (or jog, or walk) outdoors. You might be thinking to yourself: I usually break a sweat in my yogas when I’m on the treadmill… but it’s way too hot to wear them outside! Truth be told, you’re totally right! It would be an utterly terrible idea to go running in 80-degree weather wearing your yogas.

Instead, read on to find out what runners wear during the warmer months. But, before getting into the runner-recommended outfit inspiration, let’s go over some outdoor fitness basics.

Woman wearing sunglasses taking a break from jogging

There’s a reason baseball players are always sporting new sunglasses: because they need them to see where the ball’s at and where they’re running! With the sun working overtime it’s more likely to blind you throughout the day. So, unless you run with your eyes glued to the pavement (which is not recommended) then do yourself a favor and wear some sports sunglasses during your run. Not only will you maintain safety by being able to see everything in front of you, but you will be able to enjoy the summer scenery.

Sun Protection
Even on the cloudiest of days, the sun is still able to cause some serious damage. Imagine your outside for just one hour – in this time you’ve warmed up, got a nice run in, cooled down, and stretched – which isn’t very long at all. Without sunscreen, it’s very likely that your arms, legs, and nose will end up as red as a lobster. Applying sunblock will only take a few minutes and make all the difference.

Although it may seem obvious, the mistake of wearing a regular bra and pair of panties is one that happens far too often. With so many sports bras on the market today, there is no reason to wear your favorite bra on your run. Sports bras are able to provide the proper support for a workout, as well as wick away sweat. Also, without getting too personal, do yourself a favor and wear comfy underwear while running – you’ll thank us later.

Woman jogging

Now that you’ve got the basics down, here are some examples of what runners wear during the summer season:

  • Shorts made of synthetic materials: The key here is synthetic materials, which specifically means not cotton. The reason being that synthetic fabrics are great at wicking sweat away from the skin, keeping your skin dry, and making your run more enjoyable.
  • Paneled capris: If you’re not a shorts person, you’ll love everything about paneled capris. They provide the same amount of coverage as your favorite pair of leggings, but they keep you much cooler, as the mesh panels act more-or-less like a ventilation system, allowing your skin to cool down with fresh air.
  • Loose tanks: There are some people who prefer to wear tight-fitting clothes while working out, however, loose fitting tanks are better, and sweat wicking loose fitting tanks are ideal.

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