Warm Weather Office Attire

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“Wake up early. Drink Coffee. Work hard.Be ambitious.
Keep your priorities straight, 
your mind right and your head up.
Do well, live well and dress really well.”
– Author Unknown –

Unless you’re a school teacher, college professor, or any other school system employee, it’s likely that you find yourself at working your typical 9 to 5, during just about every Monday through Friday of the summer. If you’ve been in the full-time workforce for a while now, you’ve gotten used to going to work in the summer and dressing for the office. Those who are new to the workforce may find themselves a bit quizzical about the whole all-work-no-play rules of summer when they’ve only just begun their career. This can be especially difficult for the majority of young women today, who earned a college degree before starting their dream job. The majority last summer’s clothing decisions, for many college grads, revolved around which bikini to wear; Long gone are the days of sipping mimosa’s by the pool while you talk and laugh all day with your hometown best friend. This summer is all about getting up when your alarm rings, earning your keep at your new job, and most importantly, dressing the part.

Of course, everyone’s workday and office environment are a little different. Some have fully air-conditioned offices, while others work to the hum of hi-powered fans, and several have job duties that involve walking in and out of buildings all day. Regardless of your work environment, you’ll want to dress for the weather while maintaining your professionalism and being appropriate. Below are a few ideas of warm weather office attire, perfect for the modern working woman.

Pastel and Neutral Colors
Many people reach for bright colors during the summer, and while a pop of color is cute now and then, it is not recommended that you wear neon colors to the office day after day. That said, you shouldn’t feel that you are stuck wearing blacks and browns; instead, sport light neutrals and pastels to your 9 to 5. Not only will you feel confident about your look, but collogues are going to take you much more seriously than they would if you were wearing last summer’s hot pink midi.

Lightweight Materials are a Must
If your place of employment follows a business casual dress code, then it’s likely that you’re able to rock a pair of khakis to the office. Today khakis come in all kinds of colors and fits, but if khakis aren’t your thing, check out similar options. There are all kinds of light weight pant options made from breathable cotton and linen fabrics.

Summer office attire

Show Some Skin, as Long as You Know When to Cover Up
There are bound to be times when the only way you’ll possibly get work done is by wearing a tank top. If you find yourself in the dog days of summer, wear that sleeveless blouse, just be professional about it and have a light weight cardigan nearby.

Flatter Yourself!
There’s a reason you have all those cute summer dresses hanging in your closet… because when you tried them on and realized how great you looked in them you knew you’d find an excuse to wear them. Well, the moment has finally come, wear those delicate dresses to the office. There is one caveat here: be sure that the dress is not too low cut or too high above your knees.

Wear Pretty Summer Heels 
Give yourself an excuse to get a pedicure by wearing the cutest summer heels you own. Let’s face it, feet can get pretty sweaty when they’re encased by close toed shoes. Avoid the unnecessary discomfort by sporting cute summer heels to the office.


By Lionesse

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