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Twinning is Winning

Seeing double isn’t associated with anything good, but in the realm of fashion and beauty, these gorgeous sets of twin celebrities certainly give the phrase a better perspective. Here are the powerhouses of fashion and beauty, giving you that double-take on their social media accounts and in fashion magazines the world over.

Simi and Haze Khadra
These fashionistas and their famous friends (Willow Smith, the Jenner sisters) make very clear plunges into the nineties when it comes to the inspirations behind their looks. While inspired by their moods and their environments, there is always a little bit punk and a little bit sporty bits to find in their overall apparels.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen
Who hasn’t heard of these fashion powerhouses? Gracing our screens since they were 9 months old and leaving the filming spotlight behind in 2004, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are undoubtedly fashion icons. With their labels The Row and Elizabeth and James, these ladies have grown right before our very eyes. Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen’s personal styles are quite different from one another. While Ashley tends to stick to modern basics and classic cuts, Mary-Kate is the eccentric, dubbed ‘Bag Lady’ even by The New York Post.

Sam and Cailli Beckerman
Their agent describes the identical twins as ‘human glitter’ which makes sense when you see that they also share a remarkably bright and happy approach to high-low fashion. Sam describes her sense of style as “a fruity explosion.” In addition to their similar styling aesthetic, they also mirror each other’s beauty look with their matching long blonde hair and dark eyebrows. They’re proudly committed to all things DIY when it comes to beauty.

Kelsey and Baylee Soles
The pair are now something like regulars on the streets of Tokyo, sporting recent vintage outfits from street shops. Kelsey is a bleach blond mix that she calls ‘brond’ while Baylee’s tresses are a darker hue. These southern sisters are the latest addition to the sister power trend of the fashion world today. Be it in Europe or back home in the states, these twins are always into spunky and colourful, distressed denims and are taking their quintessential bangs into the next millennium.

Cipriana and Takenya Quann
From their latest interview with Vogue, the twins said that it was in watching their mother choose the matching outfits they would wear to school the next morning that they began to become very curious about fashion. While theirs is a style that is more from the seventies era, they believe that aesthetic sensibility cannot be clearly stated or packaged neatly in a box because theirs is a style that might resemble any given celebrity of the day (say Diane Keaton on Monday or Cher on Wednesday). Known for her vintage fashion and unique sense of style, Cipriana was named best dressed blogger by Vogue as well as signing on as their contributor writer.

Sister-twins are all the rage this season and the fashion industry certainly sees that twinning is really the go-to winning strategy.


By Rebecca Vega

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