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The Wardrobe Pieces You Need To Be Boho Chic

Looking to put together a Boho Chic wardrobe? The good news is that you don’t have to fill your closet all at once. Starter pieces can help you put together fantastic ensembles that you can mix and match for a variety of occasions whether you’re going out with the girls, on a date, or just out to run some errands. Let’s get started with talking about the pieces that every Boho Chic wardrobe needs.

Nature-Inspired Jewelry
When you’re looking for jewelry pieces to add to your Boho Chic wardrobe, look for ones that are nature-inspired, such as those that are comprised of wood or turquoise. Opt for versatile pieces that you can wear with a variety of outfits, especially when you’re just starting out with putting a Boho Chic wardrobe together.

Maxi Dress
A maxi dress is an absolute must for a Boho Chic wardrobe. Rather than go for one that’s plain, opt for one in a beautiful pattern. There are several benefits to having maxi dresses in your wardrobe, such as that you can wear them for a variety of occasions, they’re comfortable even in hot weather, and they can be thrown on in a rush and still look fabulous.

Woman with long hair and wide-brimmed hat

Wide-Brimmed Hat
Wide-brimmed hats always seem to look good on everyone, and in addition to adding a big dose of style to your Boho Chic wardrobe, they also offer an added benefit of helping to shield your skin from the sun. Just like with the jewelry, look for one or two that can really go with a variety of outfits in your wardrobe, such as a simple straw hat or a floppy black one.

Booties can go with a plethora of outfits whether you’re wearing a maxi dress, shorts, or pants. If you feel as though you’re going to be wearing them often, opt for a pair that is incredibly comfortable and that you can wear for quite awhile without your feet hurting. For example, choose a pair that doesn’t feel tight on your feet, that doesn’t make them feel too hot, and that has a thicker heel.

Flared Jeans
We could have easily gone with cutoff shorts or patterned pants, but when you’re starting out your Boho Chic wardrobe, flared jeans are a staple that you can wear year-round. They’ll keep you comfortable in the summer, warm in the winter, and you can pair them with pretty much any top and you have an instant outfit that you could put together in seconds. Consider them classics that will never get old.

On a tight budget? No one said you need to start out your Boho Chic wardrobe with expensive pieces that you buy brand new. Consider secondhand. You could go to thrift stores, flea markets, garage sales, and a variety of other places where you can find fabulous pieces—some of which are true vintage—that you can add to your collection for a fraction of what you would pay full price. Don’t forget to try them on first!

By Sarah Loh

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