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The Best Layered Fashion Inspiration for Early Summer

Summer is finally here!

Well… not quite. Even though the days are generally warmer, you still might get caught off guard by a sudden shower or an unexpected dip in temperatures.

Even though this time of year might be tricky to plan when it comes to outfits, early summer also comes with a couple of perks: it gives you that short window of time where you can mix up the best of year-round fashion and not feel too warm, too cold or completely out of place for doing so.

And the best method to experiment with varied aesthetics is through layering.

To help you figure out how to combine your warm-weather closet essentials, we’ve compiled a list of the freshest layered looks that you can wear to greet the summer. Keep reading to find out what they are!

The Distressed Denim Look

Everyone knows that denim jacket is an absolute must-have for all those in-between seasons when you need a youthful, yet timeless boost to your outfit.

However, if you’re not feeling too inspired to unearth that same old denim jacket you’ve been wearing for the last however-many years, then you might want to go for something a little more fashion-forward this season.

You’re in luck: in recent years, denim has been experiencing a true rebirth, in more stylish and innovative ways than ever before.

So, your new denim jacket can now come in different shades – light, dark, or perhaps in an entirely different color from blue.

The ‘80s nostalgia has also been having a moment, so you will probably see a lot of distressed and washed out designs that give this iconic fashion garment an extra dose of nonchalance.

And yet, despite the tremendous diversity in designs, the denim jacket stays as practical as ever, ready at all times to be thrown on during those crisp summer evenings.

To nail the reimagined denim look, go for an oversized, slightly distressed piece and roll up the sleeves.

Don’t be afraid to go double denim (current state of fashion prescribes a judgment-free outlook!) and combine your jacket with a pair of jeans in different shade.

Experiment with the athleisure trend and round up the look with a laid-back crop top and a pair of crisp white kicks.

Clad in Plaid

If you’ve had a chance to browse the racks this season, you might have noticed that every shop has its reiteration of the uber-popular grey plaid pattern.

And the most common pieces you’ll find adorned with this pattern are blazers and coats.

They can be a stylish addition to your wardrobe year-round, and due to their structured fit and slightly masculine silhouette, they can bring a touch of boldness to your day-to-day looks.

When it comes to styling your plaid blazer or coat, the sky’s the limit. 

If you want to keep it more in tune with the street-style look, pair up your garment with a graphic T tucked into cropped flares and a pair of stylish ankle boots.

For a more polished vibe, you can combine your blazer with a figure-hugging pencil skirt in grey and a plain black top.

And for a look that lets everyone knows who’s the boss, add cat-eye sunglasses and a statement watch.

Not only will this outfit exude sophistication, it can also be appropriate for both the office and the happy hour.

Bring On the Boho

As soon as the temperatures hit 20+ degrees, we all suddenly have an urge to unleash our inner bohemian.

During the balmy summer months, it’s all about those breezy textures, dramatic accessories and free-spirited vibes when planning out your outfits.

However, rocking those boho staples might prove a little challenging if you’re not experiencing full-on SoCal weather where you live.

Worry not!

Since quintessential boho look is all about that laissez-faire attitude, it’s easy to mix and match pieces of different cuts and fabrics without feeling like you’re weighing down the entire look and disrupting its casual vibe.

For example, take one of the most ubiquitous boho-inspired pieces: the maxi skirt.

Thanks to its sweeping length and airy silhouette, donning a maxi skirt can be incredibly flattering regardless of your height or body shape.

Moreover, it’s easy to pair up this style of skirt with any kind of top, from a sensual, off-the-shoulder number to a plain white T.

Maxi skirts feel right at home with high platform clogs and espadrilles, but a pair of simple flats can be just as fitting for this skirt.

And to proof it for those chilly summer evenings, throw on a knitted cardigan that will go perfectly with that nonchalant aesthetic you’re trying to achieve.

Since boho style loves its statement accessories, you can top off your look with an oversized beach hat that will make your outfit feel summery despite all the layering.

Embrace the Blazer

We all know that light jackets are a girl’s best friend when you want to equip yourself for unpredictable weather occasions, regardless of the season.

However, you might feel as if your bombers and denims simply aren’t polished enough, especially if you need an extra layer for more formal or office-appropriate environments.

This is why you should definitely seek to equip your wardrobe with a chic blazer.

This officewear staple is definitely working overtime when it comes to current fashion trends, so you don’t have to worry about them looking to stuffy or lackluster.

These days, it’s perfectly acceptable to rock your blazer to any and all occasions.

And if you’re wondering what kind of design would be the right fit for you, consider where you’ll be wearing your blazer, but also your personal aesthetic.

If you are a fan of patterned pieces, a checkered or floral blazer will be great for jazzing up your closet essentials.

On the other hand, if you prefer the sleek and polished look, go for a navy or black blazer that will always provide a touch of elegance to your ensembles.

White and nude-toned blazers have also become increasingly popular in recent years, although sporting a crisp white piece and keeping it pristine might be a tad challenging.

Another great thing about blazers is that they can be paired up with pretty much everything in your closet: from classic work-appropriate pieces to more casual items like sundresses and jeans.

One of the most stylish ways to sport a blazer during summer months is to layer it over a romantic mini dress.

This way, your silhouette will be given more structure and definition, and you won’t have to worry about getting chilly.

Classy Meets Edgy

Since dressing during the in-between seasons is all about finding the right balance between stylish and weather-appropriate, you can use this opportunity to play around with different styles, textures and fabrics.

For example, if your style tends to be on the more elegant side but you want to experience with more daring pieces, then early summer is the ideal time to do so.

One of the most iconic combos that illustrates the appeal of this visual contrast involves a flowing dress and a badass leather jacket.

In the summer, you can never go wrong with a gorgeous sundress. They’re comfortable, flattering and super-easy to throw on without a lot of thinking.

Moreover, when you combine it with stylish accessories, such as a statement necklace or a pair of oversized sunglasses, you can quickly make your dress go from just alright to full-on fabulous.

And to give it that contrasting edge, jazz up your sundress with a classic leather jacket.

This timeless staple will instantly make your outfit more eye-catching and structured.

As far as shoes go, you can go in either direction, depending on the occasion.

For example, plain sneakers and flats will play beautifully against the romantic vibe of the dress.

On the other hand, dizzying heels will give your punk-rock jacket an elegant twist and make your outfit suited for more formal occasions. 

A black quilted bag with a chain strap will add an extra dose of elegance and elevate your ensemble.

Sleeveless Vest and Button-up Shirt

There are some style combos that, simply speaking, will never let you down.

And one of them is the beloved blue jeans and white shirt look, which is not only timeless, but also perfect to rock on those days when you’re not 100% sure as how the weather will turn out.

However, if you’ve been a fan of this style for a minute, you might be looking for ways to switch it up a little bit – if only to make it more appropriate for slightly colder weather.

Well, there is one piece that’s been made just for you – a sleeveless vest.

Perhaps you’re not fully sold on this type of garment – after all, it’s neither a jacket nor a cardigan, so how exactly will it benefit your wardrobe?

Well, for one, a clean-cut sleeveless vest can make any old outfit go from basic to head-turning.

Moreover, this kind of style can do wonders for elongating your figure, which can be good news for petite ladies.

So, next time you decide to put on your favorite pair of blue jeans and a white button-up, add this long-line piece. Muted colors like blush and pale pink will be the best if you want to keep your vest versatile.

If you want to keep your look understated, top it off with a pair of immaculate white sneakers.

Alternatively, slip into your favorite pair of heels and you will ooze grace and elegance.

Rompers Rule

No matter where you find yourself this summer – music festival, relaxing seaside holiday or a cozy staycation – rompers will be your best friend.

Supremely chic and effortless, rompers have been fashionistas’ favorite for quite some time.

No surprise, really: they can be as classy or as dressed down as you want them to be, plus they’re super easy to plan your outfits around.

For example, if you want to go for a cleaner, more put-together look, make sure to get a monochromatic, structured romper that will give you a well-defined silhouette.

You can pair it up with strappy heels and a chic clutch and, voila! You have an outfit for all those summer occasions that call for a bit of va-va-voom.

Alternatively, if you want to keep it cool and casual, go for a stylish, patterned romper that will immediately evoke those laid-back summer vibes.

And to make the look complete (and secure yourself in case temperatures do down), thrown on a frilly lace cardigan that will make you look like a bona fide summer goddess.

Finish off your look with a pair of stylish ballet flats or sandals.

All Over Overalls

In case you haven’t heard, the ‘90s are back – with a bang.

If you’re a millennial, this means that all your favorite childhood staples are perfectly acceptable to wear again, this time as an adult. 

And what’s more fun and comfortable than slipping into a pair of playful overalls?

Not only are they a quick and easy summer wardrobe pick, they have become a favorite among more serious fashion connoisseurs.

And, just like anything else, this garment can be styled in many different ways, from relaxed to full glam.

For a romantic vibe, pair up your overalls with a silky top with ruffled sleeves.

If you want to express your edgier side, wearing a sheer or cropped shirt underneath your overalls might just do the trick.

And if you’re not into toddler chic, you can always go for a more fitted overalls cut, which will emphasize the feminine figure, especially when paired with with pointy-toe statement heels.

However, if you want to capture that genuine laid-back essence of wearing overalls, combine them with a Breton striped top and a pair of casual slip-ons.

And there it is, your ultimate guide to dressing stylishly on those fickle summer days. Regardless of whether you’re a boho babe or a punk-rock chick, we’re sure you will be inspired to seek out your ideal layered combo.


By Lionesse

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