The Best Eyeshadows to Help Enhance your Eye Color

Everyone is unique and has their own different set of characteristics when it comes to their appearance. This is especially true when it comes to your individual eye color. People have mainly one basic color in their eyes such as blue, brown or green. However there are varying shades that make each person’s special. Someone could have dark brown eyes or someone could have light brown eyes. Others could have different colors in them which are the case for hazel eyes. Just like certain colors can look better on different skin tones, different eye makeup can also have this effect. Depending on the color in your eyes, eyeshadow could help to bring them out or not do much to them at all. It is important to know what colors will complement your eyes so you can make the best impression possible!

Cobalt blue eyeshadow for brown eyes.

Brown-eyed women have the most versatile eye color. Pretty much any color will bring out the eyes since brown is considered a neutral color. If you are looking to make them pop, the color purple is a good choice. This color naturally reflects brown which will do wonders in making your eyes the center of attention. A cobalt blue shade is also a good choice as this will intensify the brown in your eyes and bring them to the forefront. Purple is also a great shade for women with hazel eyes. It will naturally bring the green out and make your eyes appear wider. A lighter shade of purple works best for hazel eyes as the light color will help focus on the lighter colors in your eyes.

Brown eyeshadow for blue eyes.

When it comes to blue eyes, surprisingly the best color to wear is brown. While brown may not seem like the obvious choice, it will really help to bring out your eyes. This warm color does wonders for blue eyes. The contrast makes eyes appear bigger and livelier. Blue eyeshadow will do exactly the opposite of brown. Blue eyes need a distinction when it comes to their eye make-up. If you apply blue shadow to blue eyes, they will simply not stand out and blend in.

Purple eyeshadow for green eyes.

For green-eyed women every shade of purple will work. Whether it is dark plum, violet or lilac, all three will aid in complementing your eye color. Purple helps to enhance the green in your eyes making them appear even brighter than they are.

Knowing what shadow work best for you and your eye color is necessary because it can really help take your look to the next level. Pairing complementary colors will not only make your face appear more warm and inviting, but also make your eyes pop. Using the correct colors can really make a huge difference in your appearance. It is such a simple step, but it will make all the difference. Now that you have learned what colors are best for your eye color, you will be able to really make them pop and stand out!


By Lionesse

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