She Wears Red

The rainbow look is trending; it seems that everyone is incorporating rainbow into their hair. Some people are going all-out with a full head of right-from-the-crayon-box colored streaks, while others are going for a less daring look with the rainbow root and bottom layer highlights. Others are taking advantage of the look simply by dying their hair just color of the rainbow. For those who are sticking to a solo color, it seems red it the way to go (insert fire flame emoticon here). Red is a fab color! The color red brings out a sassy yet mature demeanor about someone, making it great for younger and middle-aged women. Additionally, there are so many variations of the color red; everything from bright and unnatural tones to dark, calm and natural hues. Below are just a few of the ravishing red hair colors that are hot right now.

Amber red highlights

Amber Red Highlights
This is perfect for someone who is looking for a big change, but has never actually died their hair or may not be ready to fully commit to all over red just yet. When thinking of amber red highlights, think of Emma Stone’s hair color when she first went red. This color is great for this who have medium or olive skin tones, as the color will complement the complexion, rather than making it look washed out.

Fire Engine Red
This color takes the red color to an ultimate high, by amplifying a regular red to a bright neon red.

Golden Red
Remember when Blake Lively colored her hair a seductive red color? That’s exactly the color we’re talking about here. Much like the color above, golden red is complementary to those who have medium or olive skin tones. One of the great things about going golden red it that it allows for changeability if you get tired of it, or just one completely love it. It is simple to change up the look with either lowlights or highlights.

Blush red highlights

Blush Red
This color is darling, it’s great for those who are looking for a lighter, almost-pink color. The blush red is quite multi-dimensional, with light purple, muted pink, and gold all throughout with ash undertones. Thanks to the gold dimension, this color looks great on women who have both fair and neutral skin tones.

Crimson Red
For all those Disney Princess fans out there, release your inner Areal with crimson red locks. This color tends to look best on those with neutral and pale skin tones.

Ruby Red
Ruby red is indeed bright like the color above, fire engine red, the difference being that it is not as neon. While the red still reaches high hues, it is toned down with magenta undertones. Ruby red is a great color to use as an ombre or balyage with natural medium brown and dark brown colored hair. When paired with brown hair, the colors flatter almost every skin tone, but those with warmer skin tones  may benefit from this color most, as it will flush out the yellow-undertones in the skin.

Merlot red hair

Deep Merlot Red
Just like a glass of fine wine, deep merlot red is a smooth and seductive hair color. Numerous celebrities are sporting this color recently, as it easily covers both light and dark colored hair. Use shine spray and serum regularly to bring out all the dimensions of the color. This color looks best on light to medium skin tones but still looks fab on those with medium-to-tan and tan skin tones.


By Lionesse

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