Sequins And Everyday Street Style

Woman wearing a sequin top

“If I had a power color, it would definitely be SPARKLE” |Source: Landon Brinkley, Fictional character in Party Girl by Rachel Hollis|

While Landon Brinkley may be a fictional character in popular paperback series, there’s most definitely a little bit of Landon in all of us. Sparkles were once demoted to a style only to be worn by children and teens, luckily things have changed. Sparkles and sequins are making a flashy comeback into adult wear in high fashion, street style, and everything in between. The best part about their entrance into the modern fashion world is that there is no limit as to when you can or can’t wear a glam sequined outfit component – you can totally wear sequins to the café, to the office, and to happy hour! We know that incorporating sequins into your typically less-than-glittery style can seem intimidating at first, which is why we have gathered tips from top style experts on wearing sequins in your everyday street style.

  • The key thing to keep in mind when incorporating sequins into everyday street style is that you should stick to just one glam piece paired with simple colors and classic fits. Although sparkle is most commonly understood as a color, it is best to think of it as a bold pattern for the purposes of your wardrobe – you wouldn’t pair a crazy patterned top with a wild pair of pants right?
  • Gone are the days of only gold and silver sequins, today they come in all different colors which make it easier to incorporate into street style. For an effortless yet put together look, perfect Sunday brunch pair a glam sequin crop top with a pastel high-wasted maxi skirt. Be sure that the top is the it-factor of the outfit by wearing simple nude sandals and accessorizing with a natural-esq purse.
  • Sequins are the perfect thing to wear when you need a day-to-night outfit… and by day-to-night, we totally mean office-to-martini lounge. For this, pair a dark colored sequin skirt with a loose fitting gray or black t-shirt. Keep in mind, to make this outfit office appropriate you’ll want the skirt to have a longer hem, one that is only a few inches at most away from your knees. Depending on your taste and employers dress code, layer the t-shirt with either a slouchy boyfriend cardi, a loose fitting pleather jacket, or a casual jean jacket. Finally, a pair of black or nude colored pointed flats and matching bag complete this transitional look.
  • Wear sequins into the fall by adding lots of seasonally colored layers. One of the best things about simple silver and gold colored sequins is that they’re a classic, which means they can be dressed up or down, during the day or night, in the spring or fall. If you have a simple colored sequin skirt top it off with a white cable knit sweater layered upon baby-blue button-down. Be sure that the collar and cuffs are featured outside of the sweater. Finish the look one of two ways: with a pair of nude kitten heels or black nylons and patent black booties.

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