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Mobile technology has enabled users to edit photos to an almost-professional quality with just a few swipes and taps. Apps today allow users to blur blemishes, contour their body, and more by simply adding a layer mask, or filter, to a photo. A lot of times, photos which are supposed to encourage real beauty are edited, altered, and shaded. Sure, these photos look like perfection, but all the photo editing makes the beauty anything but real.

Yeah, all those Instagram and Prisma filters can make you look better than ever. And, let’s be honest, the degree to which a filter makes a picture look better is often the deciding factor of whether or not to post a picture. For some reason, social media contributors all over the world (basically anyone who uses Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) have gained a sense of self-confidence when given the ability to filter selfies. Although, wouldn’t it be nice to have a sense of confidence in which you feel comfortable posting a #NoFilter selfie?

That’s right, it’s time to break up with your filter. The best part: after reading the following collection of makeup tips from the pros, you’ll feel confident when posting a filter free selfie because your natural beauty will be radiant. Just in case you’re wondering, the pros from whom we’ve gathered these tips include makeup artists to the stars, beauty bloggers, and the Queen of Selfies herself: Kim Kardashian West.

Blur Those Lines
Professional cameras are not forgiving, and neither are Paparazzi who carry these camera frames one movie premiere to the next. Celeb makeup artists explain that many celebs are nervous about their skin looking less than perfect on the Red Capet. This is why their look always begins with a blurring primer, and so should your pre-selfie makeup ritual. Blurring primers are nothing short of miracle workers; the product creates a smoothed-over effect by filling in each and every pore and wrinkle.

Shine Bright
With the fall and winter seasons making their debut, many women will experience dry, rough and even cracked skin. The blurring primer will fill cracks and smooth out rough areas, however, the dry and dull appearance will remain. Unless, that is, you apply a second, custom layer of primer. After giving the original layer of primer time to set mix two parts blurring primer and one part highlighter together on the pads of your fingers, then apply evenly to your entire face.

Stop the Shine
Many women dread how shiny their skin looks in photos, perhaps they don’t know just how easy it is to prevent. Whether you have naturally oily skin, or your skin just appears to have a natural sheen in photos, apply a nude toned pressed powder all over your face and neck. Be sure that you are applying it in more of a pressing or tapping motion, rather than in a circular buffing motion.

Open Wide
Your eyes might naturally be on the smaller side, or you might just be tired from a late night. Either way, you can make your peepers look wide and awake in just seconds. All you need to do is swipe a nude liner across your upper and lower waterline, then continue to line your lash line per usual.


By Lionesse

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