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11 Quick Fixes For Dull Skin

Ever waking up with a pale-looking skin and prominent eye bags below your eyes? Or how about seeing a dry and flaky patch that shouldn’t be there? Well, that’s dull skin for you. Having dull skin is anyone’s skincare nightmare! And people have searched high and low for the best treatment for this condition. 

While dull skin has many causes, you don’t need special ointments and creams for it. In actuality, In actuality, 11 guaranteed quick-fix treatments can do just the trick. Rest assured that with these quick-working treatments, your skin will be looking brand new! 

If you’re serious about regaining that beautiful and smooth glow in your skin, then read through this list.

What Causes Your Dry Skin

You may think that knowing the dull skin treatments is enough, but – 

Understanding the common causes of this skin condition will help you prevent the condition in the future. 

So, before you go through the magic quick-fix treatments, let’s look through the common causes of dull skin: 

  • Smoking 
  • Aging 
  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • Poor circulation
  • Dehydration
  • Lack of exfoliation

11 Quick-Fix Treatments For Dry Skin

Whether aging or a poor diet causes your dull skin…

One thing’s for sure: these quick fix treatments will definitely work to bring your old, glowing skin back! 

Without further ado, here are the 11 quick-fix treatments for dull skin: 

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is one of the best quick-fix treatments for dry skin. 

It contains a chemical called polysaccharide that keeps your skin moisturized. Aloe vera has also been found to enhance collagen and elastin production, which keeps your skin supple and wrinkle-free. Moreover, aloe vera has healing and anti-inflammatory properties…

To use Aloe vera on your skin, you’ll need to either buy a readily-prepared aloe vera gel or extract it on your own. However, experts recommend applying fresh aloe gel is the way to go.  

Coconut Oil

Coconut isn’t the tree of life for nothing. Its extract, coconut oil, will replenish the moisture into your dull skin!

How does it work?

Research studies have found that coconut oil is rich in saturated fatty acids. These fatty acids have emollient properties, which means that it acts as a moisturizer by filling the gaps in dry skin…

So, if you’re considering using coconut oil, buy a bottle of virgin coconut oil, and you’re good to go! Coconut oil is extremely safe and gentle to the skin, so you don’t need to mix it with other ingredients. 

Almond Oil

Almond oil is historically a treatment for dry skin.

Two vials of almond oil surrounded by almonds

Yes, almond oil was the go-to cream and ointment for people with dull and dry skin during the olden times. Almond oil has been shown to smoothen skin and improve complexion. It can also enhance skin tone when applied.

Sunflower Oil

While oils, in general, are good for suitable skin, sunflower oil does the absolute trick! 

According to a research study, sunflower oil has been shown to improve the hydration of the participants’ arm when applied. In the same study, experts found out that olive oil, another popular ‘quick-fix’ treatment, actually damaged the skin barrier…

This only meant two things: 

  1. All oils are suited to treat dry skin. 
  2. When in doubt, choose sunflower oil. 


Glycerin sounds like a harsh chemical, right? But in actuality, glycerin is the miracle cure of the skin!

Glycerin contains two of the most important properties in treating dry skin: humectant and emollient. As a result, glycerin is best at managing dry skin – even chapped lips!

The great thing about glycerin is that it works extremely fast. You’ll notice the difference immediately after applying products with glycerin to your face.


Are you unfamiliar with the above-mentioned products? If you want a simpler and readily available product for your skin, try honey!

Honey has been found to have moisturizing, healing, and anti-inflammatory properties. A research study has revealed that honey can be used to treat other skin diseases aside from dry skin. In addition, honey could also unclog pores and improve blood circulation.

Cucumber Juice

And last but not the least – cucumber juice!

Cucumber juice contains two essential nutrients that dry skin needs: water and Vitamin E. For this reason, cucumber juice can not only hydrate skin, but it can also smoothen it. In addition, cucumber juice has been shown to retain your skin’s elasticity, thanks to a nutrient called silica.


Who knew that rosewater would make it into the list?

Yes, this rare ingredient can soothe, refresh, and moisturize your skin. It has also been shown to improve the blood circulation of your skin and balance your skin’s pH levels. Rose water could also promote the production of natural oil in your skin!

Female hands preparing a small vial of rose water

How do you apply rose water then?

Using rose water to treat your dry skin isn’t rocket science. Just spritz some of the product onto the cotton ball and apply directly to the skin. Once the rose water has been absorbed into your skin, apply a dab of moisturizer cream for optimum effect.

Experts highly recommend applying rose water at least once every day.

Jojoba Oil

If you want an oil that’s quite similar to the natural oils of your skin, then choose jojoba oil! 

Jojoba oil is unique since it almost has the same structure as the body’s natural oil – sebum. For this reason, jojoba oil makes a great moisturizer for all skin types.

In addition, this oil is excellent in softening skin and getting rid of those flaky white layers. Jojoba oil also helps to promote the growth of new skin cells, which is necessary when you have dry skin. 

But most important of all…

Jojoba oil has anti-inflammatory properties, which is important for any dull-looking skin. 


No, this isn’t for eating. You’ll need to take a bath in this! 

Oatmeal is an overlooked but effective natural ingredient in treating dry skin. According to research studies, oatmeal contains anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, which soothe skin irritation. For this reason, oatmeal is quite good in reducing itchiness brought by dry skin. 

So, how do you use it then? 

If your dull skin problem is on your body, then an oatmeal bath is the one for you! But if your dull skin problem is on your face, then perhaps you need an oatmeal face scrub.

When Dry Skin Becomes An Issue

If your skin suffers from a dull-looking complexion, then your skin is also bound to suffer from dry patches here and there. 

As mentioned above, dull skin is also caused by dehydration, which in turn also causes dry skin. So, if you’re interested in combining these quick-fix solutions with other treatments that alleviate dry skin, then consider the following: 

Use A Humidifier

Do you live in a dry environment? Then that may be one of the factors contributing to your dry skin!

To resolve this issue, you can buy a humidifier for your home to keep the air nice and humid…

According to a research study by the Harvard Medical school, gas and electric heat can reduce the humidity in the air. But by setting the humidifier to 60 percent, it is enough to offset the effect of gas and electric heat.

Adjust Shower Temperature

Aside from dehydration, dry skin can be caused by frequent bathing or showering using hot or warm water. So, if you desire to treat your dry skin, you’ll need to adjust your show temperature!

Shower water

However, if that’s not possible, then shorter showers under warm water will do. 

By the way – experts warn the use of fragrant and ‘moisturizing’ soaps for dry skin. Some soaps which claim hydrating properties do the opposite effect! So if you’re using these kinds of soaps, it’s time to ditch them. 

Use Gloves

Hands are usually the targets of dry skin. This is because hands are most exposed to environmental irritants such as soap and detergent…

So, how do you prevent dry skin in those areas? 

By wearing gloves, of course!

If your hands get easily irritated, it won’t hurt to give gloves a try. These gloves will protect your hands from environmental irritants; thus, keeping your skin moist and smooth. 

Drink Milk

You might be asking: how would milk help my dry skin? 

Well, according to a research study in 2015, a diet including daily consumption of milk can improve dry skin!

Here’s the explanation: 

Milk contains a fat called phospholipid. This fat has been shown to improve the skin of mice after consumption…

While the effect of phospholipid on humans is unclear, it’s still worth a try! 

However, it is still important to have a balanced diet. Since one of the causes of dull-looking sin is a poor diet, you must ensure that you’re eating the right food to get the right glow! 

The Nutshell 

Everyone has bouts of dull skin from time to time. Whatever it may be caused, dull skin isn’t something to be proud of. Thankfully, there are 11 quick-fix options for dry skin to choose from! 

Of course, the treatment to dry skin isn’t limited to these 11 options, especially when you also have dry skin. You can try adjusting your shower temperatures and purchasing a humidifier for your home. You can even try changing your diet to see if your skin condition improves. The options are endless! 

But, just remember to be careful. Not all skins are the same, and some are more sensitive than others. Be aware of the topical creams and ointments that you put on your skin. If you notice any signs of irritation, discontinue the use immediately. 

Good luck with your skincare! 


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