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2016 Olympic games in Rio de janeiro.

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The most anticipated sporting event of the year is finally here – The 2016 Rio Olympics! The opening ceremony took place just a few days ago, since then people young and old have tuned in from around the word to watch their home team perform. In just a few days Team USA has already taken home gold, silver, and bronze! But you already knew that; regardless which news outlet you follow, reports have been on the scene passing on all the need-to-knows. With so much news surrounding the Zike Virus and the athletes dropping out because of its threat, as well as speculations of the health and safety conditions of the athletes’ village, we decided to do some recon of our own. Lo and behold, we present to you some extraordinary and fascinating facts and figures of the 2016 Rio Olympics.

First thing first, we’ll address the main health concern that you’ve surely heard about, the Zika Virus, and its stopping athletes from competing. Here’s everything you need to know about the threat:

  • So far seventeen athletes have forfeited the competition in fear of the virus.
  • However, it is no longer bug-bite and mosquito season in Rio, so the number of cases has actually declined since it was first brought to the media’s attention.
  • Many people are worried that athletes will bring the virus back to their home country, but this is not the case. The World Health Organization has stated that there is a “very low risk” of the virus spreading at the fault of the games.

Furthermore, here are our favorite facts about Team USA and The Rio Olympics:

  • The team is made up of 554 athletes; 262 men and 292 women.
  • This year Team USA makes history with the most women to have ever competed for any nation at a single Games. Until now China’s 2008 team held the record with 289 women.
  • The is only the second time in history that the U.S. roster hosts more women than men.
  • There is a total of 306 medal events in Rio; The U.S. will compete in 244 events.
  • The athletes represent 46 states across the country.
  • The games are quite a family affair! 12 team members are children of prior Olympians; 6 sets of siblings make up the roster; one couple is engaged!
  • The average age of Team USA is 27 years old but there are outliers. Kanak Jha is the youngest athlete at 16 years old and Phillip Dutton is the oldest at 52 years old.
  • American personnel traveled Rio prior to the athletes to train Brazil’s law enforcement and security staff to prevent an attack of any kind.
  • A few weeks back Brazil announced that there would be 85,000 security workers hired to work the Games.
  • Every single part of Team U.S.A’s uniforms were made right here in America by none other than returning Olympic fashion house, Ralph Lauren.
  • This was made possible by the 40+ partnerships along the North East. Check it out: Each part of boat shoes was made by Rancourt & Company in Maine, the athlete’s wristbands were manufactured in New York by Scosha, and the shirts were made by the New England Shirt Company located in Massachusetts.

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