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Mixing Metallics Into Your Fall Wardrobe

There are some neat ways you can sneak some metallics into your Fall wardrobe without the risk of looking like a disco ball. Sometimes it can feel a little daunting to incorporate a trend during the day, but you can easily upgrade your wardrobe for fall by combining some of these subtle and stylish pieces together. Or you can just go all out and make the street your dance floor!

If you’re not sure where to start with metals, always go small. Try on some accessories like handbags or glasses, or even mules. As long as it’s got an edginess to it, you’re bringing some cool sensations to your outfits. But with accessories, less is certainly more! Stick to maybe one or two metallic pieces per outfit.

The perfect way to add some flair to any outfit since you can just whip them out of your purse and put them on? Sunglasses! With whatever you’re wearing, these metallic shades will have you looking instantly chic and fabulous, contrasting with all the orange and reds of the season.

A great pair of shoes can go a long way! And if they’re in that slinky silver or gracious gold, even better! Whether you choose a pair of metallic pumps or everyday flats, they can be paired with any casual outfit to add an interesting touch of excitement. Try these out with a bland color palette, or a dark overall to really put some oomph into your outfit.

Some sequins can really bring some sparkle to your fall wardrobe. The best way to keep this look simple and clean is to pair this skirt with something more minimalistic and plain like a solid colored top. Adding a cool touch of edge is also great with a metallic skirt.

Again, if you’re still a little anxious about getting your metals on, starting off slow with some embellishments is a great way to stick your toes into the water. Any piece like a top, pair of shoes or jeans with a little bit of metallic embellishments will get you in onto the metallic trends to see how much you’re loving it without the commitment.

Moderation is key is you’re going with a metallic jacket. A simple jacket thrown over a mono-colored dress or a pair of black skinny jeans is just the touch needed to spice up your smart casual outfit for work this fall. In fact, you can easily transition into your night out outfit with a metallic blazer or jacket.

If you’re the kind to really make an entrance, get yourself a pair of metallic jeans! Nothing screams Glam Rockstar more than a pair of metallic jeans. To really add on to the vibe, and in complimenting the season, get yourself a good ol’ pair of combat boots.

Lead the way with some classy metallic this fall with a metallic dress. Show your commitment and love for the glam life with a little dressing up in the colour. While it might not be one you’d wear to work, it could really brighten up your night life. That’s one night looking like a disco ball counts for something.


By Rebecca Vega

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